Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Sun Qiaolu left us, she answered fort of demon celestial being

20220224211427 6217f533147f1

The actor that recreation encircles people apparently look bright bright beautiful, actually their pressure is very big, because rely on face and acting to have a meal, so a lot of people can choose face-lifting this road, calculate face-lifting to be able to have sequela, they also are indifferent to, because want the look with him the most beautiful tarry. The actor that recreation encircles people changed rate is very rapid, very much Neozoic actor squeezes broken head to want to enter recreational group, this gave those old actors pressure, if do not have good work, in recreation the circle does not establish a base, meet be forgotten very quickly by everybody. This name believes Sun Qiaolu two days this by everybody ripe cicada, she is a young woman student of 25 years old, also be cling to the heroine of small demon celestial being, sun Qiaolu is acting cling to there is other work after small demon celestial being, chose to continue to learn however take advanced courses. She after going back to the motherland begins to contact from media, slowly, attracted many people to enrage again. But the girl that is a such effort, left us forever in the new year’s day this year however.

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See the information that she dies, a lot of people dare not believe, because she is so young still, the time that still having big is OK and prodigal, how to leave us suddenly. Someone says, because drank that day in new year’s day,she is excessive hurt body sudden death. Netizens feel very forget. But also have one part netizen, they say a few words that enter order extremely, say she is profligate, say she ought not to drink so much wine as the girl. Actually we ought not to criticize this young woman student, after all the means of everybody congratulatory festival is different, what we can do is the person that esteem leaves us, do not go again cavil she. Finally, hope Sun Qiaolu’s mom can walk out of sadness earlier, sun Qiaolu just answered fort of demon celestial being, she is accompanied forever beside us. Although vermicelli made from bean starch people dare not believe, but this is the thing that has produced really. Still look at everybody, each person, can cherish oneself body, also should notice to maintain at ordinary times the body, after all present person pressure is great, meeting overworked is occasionally excessive. Does everybody feel? 20220224211428 6217f5341c669

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