Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Card of Diss of Kan father outgoing message wears Shan male friend to try to win an ex-wife that live apart 20220225000007 62181c07227b5Kan father blocks Dai Shan to close according to Recently, kan father Kanye West discovers Pete Davisson (Pete Davidson) after the IG that expunges oneself again, dispatch Diss says: Communicate with your mom, I changed your name thoroughly. Go up in gregarious media all the time since week of number of Kan father Kanye West track Davisson — he says for ” Skete ” , try to win a Ka Daishan of wife gold · that live apart with this (Kim Kardashian) . It is reported, before this, male friendly skin is special before A younger sister · Davisson (Pete Davidson) online go up the Guan Xuan in interviewing he and King Ka Dai Shan (Kim Kardashian) relation, weighing Ka Daishan is his girlfriend. They are patted for many times appointment, ever still sat hand in hand switchback.

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