Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Old graceful announcement will cancel ” Zhang Yi seeks a wife ” attestation already submitted application 20220225000051 62181c33da7c6Chen Ting is current attestation 20220225000052 62181c3478c5eZhang Yi is sought Chen Ting and daughter close according to Early on Feburary 25, chen Ting releases dynamic announcement to will revise attestation in gregarious platform, say ” attestation is before director atelier staff member helps me apply for favorably, because I am heavy the name is too much be afraid of confuse. Not be my meaning originally, correct now come over ” , she still replies in the comment netizen, representing corrective means is ” had applied for to cancel attestation ” . It is reported, chen Ting’s current attestation is ” Zhang Yi seeks wife Chen Ting ” .

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