Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Bi Ganxin piece will pat, whether is recovery audience trustful? Suffer as equipment fix eyes upon ” literary piece smooth ” director Bi Gan is about to leave pat new piece. Make newly at present be in confidential phase, occupy Bi Gan to divulge, new piece can tell ” particularly wild story ” , ground of department of gut, card, find a view and grow camera lens entirely to keep secret.

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Bi Gan refer advocate achieve ordinary members of theatrical troupe and circumstance of ground of find a view to express: “Still be a batch of person with original very cheerful cooperation, the actor still is being communicated, not be very affirmatory. Ground of find a view does not know is in Guizhou or Chongqing. ” the Bi Ganceng before this expresses in the news briefing, oneself are done not have ” thunder baby ” this project, new piece still writing a script, strive for next year to switch on the mobile phone. Hold the position of this ” Luobaituo Luoxilini is honorary ” evaluation, refer judge standard, film of his come to an agreement or understanding does not have a standard, sodden piece just have a level, sodden piece look to be able to see. However afterwards ” the night with last earth ” ” cross year kiss ” sale to turn over, public praise suffers a defeat, his work lifted disturbance again, to China literary the development of a market brought not little impact.

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Before two films of Bi Gan, ” roadside picnic ” and ” the night with last earth ” , the home town Guizhou that happens in Bi Gan Carey, because he is right,install Delie Dakefusiji the preference of the film, movie scene of Bi Gan contains the greeting of pair of Great Master styles everywhere. This although ” the night with last earth ” suffer a defeat, but must say, bi Gan still is China most one of literary film directors that get market attention. As a result of before made amlposition sale, the peril of media propaganda credit that many audiences show Bi Gan motion picture is heavy, is new make?

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