Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Kongfu: Motion picture of classical and comedic motion, the clue is outstanding, be worth to review! ” kongfu ” it is a movie that I review recently, motion picture of strange imaginary of this comedic movement can say to leave deep impression to me, although the past is so old, but the resonance that as before can a lot of classical memory can cause me, carry laugh rate at the same time exceedingly much also, the god in be a heart is made! Although grading maintains well still, but those who face an old movie is brilliant, also having many audiences actually had not understood, so I share my view to everybody!

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Above all ” kongfu ” it is Zhou Xing gallop the main actor is added hold guide a finished work, occurrence character actor is compare look familiar, as to have not famous word, this does not say more, after all a film stars a few lesser still is very normal! At the same time the hero in this film and heroine do not have a name, female advocate do not have an actor’s lines more, can saying is to rely on picture flow to be brought to the person touch, it is gimmick masterly! General the film of this type is already very few, bring to the person even at the same time comprehend and happy, have certain difficulty really!

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The rhythm that is gut on the other hand is driven have attribute a kind of smoother position, did not pull masterstroke to ending at a draught! Can saying is the story that one pace yields leading role to drive oneself, made a part that grow thereby, also be finally add ran leading role a ring of light, let gut reach a burning point, arouse the visual impressions of the audience! It is a classic work really, be worth to review!

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