Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Japan expects 82 edition ” Shaolin Temple ” cutback, 4K rehabilitate version will be shown on April 15 [round-the-world times reports integratedly] according to day intermediary Oricon24 day reports, to commemorate Chinese motion motion picture ” Shaolin Temple ” show 40 years, the 4K version after repair is shown at will be in Japan on April 15. “Too expected ” , japanese netizen comment says, “Movement of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance is having the aesthetic feeling like dancing. After I think a 4K rehabilitate, become more clear ‘ dancing ‘ imprint in the heart. After I think a 4K rehabilitate, become more clear ‘ dancing ‘ imprint in the heart..

20220225010033 62182a317ca1b

Act the leading role by Li Lianjie ” Shaolin Temple ” most antedate to was shown in Hong Kong in January 1982, show beginning force presses into dragon ” dragon childe ” , obtain in those days Hong Kong year is box-office the 3rd, good achievement of first of outback year booking office. This will be shown in Japan on November 3 at of the same age hind, lift all-time Shaolin Temple upsurge: Asian film is achieved in Japan highest and box-office income (1.65 billion yen) , this one record till 2003 Zhang Yi is sought of the director ” hero ” the ability after showing is broken. Comment of intermediary having day says, cong Zhaohe arrives make the same score, it is to make mix even time, li Lianjie acts the leading role this ” Shaolin Temple ” the summit summit that says going up is film of relevant subject matter. Japanese netizen memory says, “When be being shown 82 years, go looking, cinema person is super much ” ” 1 hour of ability were discharged to go in in cinema doorway ” … in later inside very long period of time, ” Shaolin Temple ” also create an industry to produce far-reaching effect to Japanese relevant caricature and game. (strict)

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