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Original title: New theatrical work of Piao of conference sitting room obtains cover assist ” the world is sober ” actor Hai Ling: “Du Lanxin ” to contemporary also can live very to connect fully very free and easy Cover journalist a surname exceeds a picture by suffer the person that visit to offer [cover meets person of sitting room ยท brief introduction] Hai Ling, actor. 2014, because join,perform teleplay ” wool bifurcation bifurcation by marriage write down ” enter perform art circle. Hind because of ” prince the wife of a prince rises duty to write down ” the servant girl hedgerow in one horn, by the audience hep. Later, join acted ” beautiful factitious stuffing ” ” Huo Qu is ill ” ” wish somebody accompanies your drift from place to place ” ” providential ” ” bright lanthanum is passed ” ” Jun Jiuling ” ” settle down ” ” today evening He Xi ” ” on Yang Fu ” . 2022, hai Ling is in teleplay ” the city of time ” in personate Du Lanxin. 20220225020031 6218383f09966 Hai Ling ” my true love is rich life, it is gem and perfume, it is tea, it is the ball, lover that is romance. ” teleplay is sowed in heat ” the city of time ” in, jin Goupin gives the Du Lanxin of Miss Du Jiada of personate of actor sea bell, although body part is mixed feudality in familial besiege, however the essence of can clear love seeing Qing Dynasty and life, win support ” the world is sober ” . On Feburary 23, hai Ling accepts cover journalist exclusive special interview, share the understanding with her lubricious diagonal. Talk about a part ” she is the very different existence in that times onrush ” You Jinchen, manna hold guide, the latter-day legend drama of the main actor such as Jing Tian of sea bell partner, Xu Weizhou ” the city of time ” , adapt from treasure of blown away by wind homonymic novel, told about going up century the big Shanghai of 30 time, female gentleman Feng Shizhen to avenge, slip into the consolidate step by step that allow the home, however of accident and personal enemy child one is immersed in on Rong Jia only then at painstakingly, devoted to open-armed love story. In drama, the Du Lanxin of personate of actor sea bell by force of familial pressure, the politics on choice and the Rong Jia that make personate of continent of the Kingdom of Wei is allied, but there is the Yang Xiucheng that live under another’s roof again in its heart (Chi Jia is acted the role of) , choice must be made between destiny and freedom. From ” prince the wife of a prince rises duty to write down ” medium ” hedgerow ” , arrive ” on Yang Fu ” in the challenge that women does not invite to beard and eyebrows ” Hu Yao ” , arrive again ” Jun Jiuling ” in Wenwan is tough ” Chu Jiuli ” , hai Ling modelled another part that makes a person impressive. Go out this act ” the city of time ” ” Du Lanxin ” one horn, sea bell speak bluntly: “Although Du Lanxin is in personally opposite for feudaller times, but actually she more resembling is female of a new era, put modern society to also can live very to connect with her viewpoint of value fully, very free and easy, there is a lot of to be worth us to go on her body fine fine the disposition that fathom and analyses, it is a very different in that times onrush existence. ” the process that explains a part, also left many unforgettable hour to Hai Ling, filming especially later period, “Du Lanxin ” a few reaction after be pregnant. “This to me it is a few experiences that life has done not have, after myself also can fathom Du Lanxin to be informed his to be pregnant, can be a kind of what kind of complex mood. She has already what will become mother is glad, also have those who fear to be discovered is cautious. Appear in performance and emotive on, also be challenge with deeper impression to me. ” fortunately, adversary play actor is very professional, “They can help me enter sport very much, so we return pretty when act smooth, of everybody cooperate to compare tacit agreement. Of everybody cooperate to compare tacit agreement.. 20220225020031 6218383fd2e3f Hai Ling talks about affection ” should love oneself above all, take rise to also want to be put below ” in character modelling respect, hai Ling ever also had had let one’s thought flow freely: “I think at the beginning Du Lanxin the modelling set of this part is bingle, because feel bingle more individualize a few. ” those who let her did not think of is, wait to try truly makeup when, smooth hair style tried 5. “From midday at 12 o’clock, try before dawn all the time at 2 o’clock, bingle, curl, straight hair… all sorts of hairstyle tried, final authority feels to use this is best. I also like to present this modelling that come out finally very much, du Lanxin this character ought some the sort of charm, sway gave birth to appearance to be shown. ” see the audience speaks highly of a part to have modern woman very much model, hai Ling special also self-identity, “I want namely to the understanding of modern woman brave, have take on, him love, take rise to also be put. ” and in be drama to the netizen ” Du Lanxin ” with ” Yang Xiucheng ” feel together feel distressed and not worth, hai Ling explains: “Du Lanxin has an actor’s lines inside the play ‘ close to get together, disagreement is divided ‘ , in her understanding, feeling is two people are come up against one case, have scintilla, appropriate, we are together, if be together later discovery is improper, that is apart, this is very simple thing. To her, this paragraph of feeling is sad it may not be a bad idea, happy it may not be a bad idea, it is the thing that she should be experienced between the process, it is a paragraph of very real feeling. ” the Hai Ling in the life, with drama in ” Du Lanxin ” also resemble a bit. “I feel emotional itself is the most important, not certain all feeling see a result, be together like Du Lanxin and Yang Xiucheng, from at the beginning she knows affirmation is impossible to marry, although among because be opposite respect of this paragraph of love, had had elopement idea, but she regained consciousness in time still, did not pester this paragraph of feeling again, did not want a clear result. We talk about love in real life, also not be each paragraphs of feeling certain resultful. But because do not have a result, don’t we go love? Also not be. The love view that so I feel I follow Du Lanxin still is held out those who resemble, follow namely oneself mind is good, oneself feel to be worth, it is OK to do not regret. But still should love oneself above all certainly, do not let oneself get hurt, take rise to also want to be put. ” this also is Hai Ling wants to be opposite most ” Du Lanxin ” if saying — ” hope she can love herself well, can be in that world that belongs to her, encounter a person that is worth to love truly, not be for the interest, not be for familial, spend the lifetime that belongs to oneself happily. Spend the lifetime that belongs to oneself happily.. 20220225020032 62183840e1f30 Hai Ling speaks ” spent complete lifetime for the part, did not regret ” cover news: Look back on this part, where can you feel to still have a regret? Hai Ling: Tell the truth I feel did not regret, because I am in original understanding play, when knowing this person, like this part really very much. Although her show share is not much, but her existence sense is very strong, playwrite teacher, producer gave her very ideal explanation. From A to Z she is to have a complete story line, I am to served as Du Lanxin to spend complete lifetime for her actually, so I did not regret. Cover news: Besides Du Lanxin, want not to consider a challenge ” the city of time ” medium other part? Hai Ling: Besides Du Lanxin, I did not want the part of the challenge, had performed the role that I like most in this drama because of me. Cover news: It is before in program of put together art, because acting problem got,ever oppugned not less. Have to this why to respond to? Hai Ling: No matter be elder teacher or audience,can let me progress to my view, every audience has his view, when others raises proposal and opinion to me, I am willing to accept. Everybody is a rule that goes measuring your ability to your evaluation, it is better that I can let everybody see hard me more outstanding, on this road of the actor, forever modest study, have the space that is worth progress more forever. Cover news: Next still those work want to meet with the audience? New what is plan of a year? Hai Ling: Can have next ” pass outside flying fox ” , ” time is brought ” , ” fight broken canopy ” , ” quite strange note ” meet with everybody. New plan of a year takes sport more namely, take good fun more, strive for everybody to bring better work. I also want to try very much a few compare ground connection to enrage, perhaps saying is with me he differ a few larger part, the hope can be brought to everybody a few more valuable the work with the meaning.

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