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Original title: It is only encounter you: It is important to revenge or sensation is main, of Yu Zhizhen undeserved be loved by nobleness The author brings profit to everybody today a teleplay – it is only encounter you, early before also had kept a few content about this teleplay, at present the author saw the position of 12 collect. As a whole, gut is to compare actually ” dog blood ” , familial the combat between, and most let a person not have of language is, men and women advocate, namely at be being mixed continuously high-minded father, saying to go up is broken bits male, and see last face, the author feels to nod the trend that changes toward this respect at also having continuously, it is really ” big pig hoof ” !

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The friend that saw teleplay knows, ko namely at straight target Mu Ziyun, the person that Mu Ziyun serves as the participate at straight father marriage, the position in the company is not small, and obtained at straight grandma approbate, but be in actually the eve in teleplay, do a few pairs of companies’ adverse business at discovering Mu Ziyun is in continuously, the outstanding achievement of the company was not reduced, but also did not grow however, and the most crucial is, the author’s premise passes, produce at discovering Mu Ziyun has overseas to buy continuously.

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Actually to at straight for, be full of rancor to Mu Ziyun, also be accordingly, at straight the road with high-minded love just can appear so rough, be full of misunderstanding! Acquire a position to be in a company, must betray ” hue ” , will obtain the help of company of the other side through accompanying tall , and the most crucial is, at straight oneself are to know tall likes him, but the presence that never tells exorbitant to perhaps say to carry nobleness however, can imagine, once tall knows nobleness is at straight girlfriend, can many break down.

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It is important to revenge or is sensation main? Actually the author feels, be being changed is me, I may choose to revenge, in the meantime, I also am met of as soon as possible breaking switch with high-minded respect is, is not delaying the other side so all the time, be together with another woman obviously, why should lie? Perhaps say at straight even if tell nobleness directly, he is contacted with tall actually is to revenge, tell nobleness its truth, if nobleness can be accepted, both sides continues together again, however at be being done not have continuously, look in the author, at straight, undeserved really be loved by nobleness! Expect the rise of follow-up nobleness!

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