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Original title: Does the love of big data times have much bright hey? ” two kinds of marriage guess ” 5 big hotspots make a person excited By Liu Xuesong hold guide, yang Zishan, Peng Guanying presents as leading role to act the leading role, the city female affection that Lin Peng, Zhao Zhiwei acts the leading role is light comedic ” two kinds of marriage guess ” defending in Hunan inspect, actor is sowed sultrily. Name seeing play ” guess two kinds of marriage ” quite literary, but after watching opera, can discover, this work clingy instantly, quite era is entered feeling, utopian love dreams, also have special the marriage that takes a heart is loved true.

20220225020039 621838475a4f2

Can have doubt of a lot of friends probably, after all of character of the place in drama name ” do two kinds guess ” which two kinds be after all? With respect to battle actually Tai Feng seeks theatrical work be felt up to now, this ” two kinds ” be not count truly, it is to point to the world in love probably, always was full of all sorts of likelihoods. Of course, be analysed simply or be to return for ” love ” or ” do not love ” , “Row ” or ” be no good ” , but the each pace of life is a choice, have guess, this ability was accomplished so many sealed. Nevertheless, this guesses right with incorrect, also need to see the feedback of everybody that watch opera.

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And this also is ” two kinds of marriage guess ” wonderful part, want to chase after drama to go only, meet by the part in drama people love destiny place is attracted, follow from this gut runs quickly madly all the way, from sow beginning to be able to bring a surprise to the audience again and again, let everybody exclamation constantly again blast, can call really ” wonderful ” drama anthology. Below simple summary, this drama has 5 big hotspots to be able to say to go up bright move full division, make a person impressive:

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One of, the marriage of white-collar of city of new era of focusing of this drama story loves the world, the love below big data fast clique, let National People’s Congress open horizon, no matter be to chase after love to have a strategy, date give resume, still match through computer program agree degree, and after be difficult with sb, return those who have some Great Master to part company redeem a formula… have really ” you are sung I come on stage ” imposing manner, can regard the jewel of new era love as grand sight;

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Secondly, regard affection of a city as drama, ” two kinds of marriage guess ” work style, the hero in also be like a story people marriage love rate, just broadcast two collect, female white-collar Shen Mingbao and ” the program is simian ” Yang Zheng enters vivid phase of marriage have a youthful look quickly. Want to know, more or less be the same as the teleplay of subject matter, talk about a love also can 229 collect do not calculate ink marks;

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Thirdly, although the world of love has all sorts of bitter hot sick at heart sweet, but in the final analysis returns this drama is drama of bright of a love, see male heroines each flat and deft interest, dare say to dare be become, dare love to dare be hated, make a person special carry gas. No matter be Shen Mingbao goose and Yang Zheng, date respectively the head turns directly after failure mutual ” tick off add ” , still be Xue Kexin for test Chen Tong is firm, bought a company to give him directly ” experienced hand ” , it is the cerebral hole that breaks through an imagination is large really;

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Its 4, more god-given is, ” two kinds of marriage guess ” although also have big melee of husband’s family a married woman’s parents’ home, but later wife and mother can ” share a bitter hatred of the enemy ” composition is allied, also be contemporary family concern really is brand-new annotate. After all, in the work that goes to already, wife and mother concerns, it is OK all the time be developed to the top of one’s bent ” evil fight ” , the family in also affecting reality directly from this is harmonious, and this drama ” occupied go up really ” good mother-in-law, let us see more likelihoods and better future;

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Its 5, the two women role that what must want to nod assist is this drama, act the leading role by Yang Zishan and Lin Peng respectively, they can be the film Ga of appropriate appropriate. The more work that two actors go to already, it is the big motion picture of big screen, give histrionic market nowadays, criterion more those who show the expression that they are treating a person and psychological level is exquisite allow with essence of life. They will ” rational clique ” with ” optional clique ” the good boudoir honey of the partner concerns, deduce so that comparative reach the designated position, also can shine upon more worlds are real.

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In the final analysis, ” two kinds of marriage guess ” it is the sort of work that lets a person shine at the moment, no matter be story and battle array, and the happy bridge with visible everywhere paragraph, still have the find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind that films in Qingdao find a view, let its become this period of time to be worth the city love play that sees very much, also harvested from this not the attention of common and heat. According to data statistic, ” two kinds of marriage guess ” close inspect Gao Jutong period of time is provincial defend inspect the first, drama anthology topic records small gain repeatedly hot search, shake phonic hot a list of names posted up, it is really ” applaud draw a large audience ” .

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Nowadays, ” two kinds of marriage guess ” just broadcast 8 collect, but the destiny of content of characters in a play, had produced the change of world-shaking: Of Shen Mingbao and Yang Zheng ” code type ” marriage, had begun to shine a red light, without emotional foundation, more is the concern that discusses in reason, lack the hold together of love really. And before the Chen Tong that is gymnastical coach only is firm, criterion suddenly change one’s identity became ad company ” Chen Dong ” , this kind ” the test before marriage ” , it is blessing after all it is disaster, return cannot to know at present… 4 youths, two pairs of sweethearts, each have each trend, estimation also has each each outlet. After all, to long life, take marital hall, it is brief a few paces nevertheless.

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Probably, each paragraphs of love should take the route that cross, do not have shortcut, since in front copied shortcut to come ” fast clique is crash ” , the Xiu Lian that loves in what did not come probably, be about many somes of twist and cross, place of no less than says ” fast match life, stew love slow ” , probably their real life story, just just begin, and this drama anthology that does not press a road to give a shop sign, future can bring what kind of surprise to us again, still need to continue to seek theatrical work wait and see what happens.

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