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Original title: ” between the world ” : The line on Feng happy match, very appropriate, zhou Rong is the largest block Teleplay ” between the world ” adapt from homonymic novel, you Leijia sound, Yan Tao, Song Jia, Xin Baiqing presents as leading role to act the leading role, still Ding Daiyong, Sarina, Cheng Taimiao, Zhang Kaili, Feng Lei, Yu Zhen, Huang Xiaolei waits for actual strength actor, in the personate in drama important role, CCTV is heated up one set in sowing. In origianl work, feng is after Zhou Nan is dead, go crooked thoroughly road, have grandiose aims but puny abilities takes shortcut after graduation, the family of participate others, married old wealthy businessman. And in teleplay, did to this one part adapt, the brigade of remote mountains of time of Guizhou, catharsis her soul, also repair the relation of she and mother. Although week Nan be dead, but she is not alone, maternal Zhou Rong loves her, stepfather Cai Xiao Guang knows her, still uncle aunt also cares about her.

20220225020103 6218385f5241a

After Feng graduates, without the choice 500 strong state-owend enterprises work, went however group of family name of a white horse with a black mane, because at the outset week Nan within an inch of acceded this company, although Zhou Nan had left very long, but everything what counteract Zhou Nan dimly to concern, still attracting her. Say on a certain level, feng was put down, also had not put down however, because Feng heart has,selecting group of family name of a white horse with a black mane is confused. No matter be to take an examination of,go up Tsinghua, still go abroad study abroad, it is He Zhounan’s agreement, it is Zhou Nan is in guide her, and the route that she took Zhou Nan to had pointed to nowadays, also lost way.

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Group of right now family name of a white horse with a black mane is in the hand of Peng Xinsheng and water do as one pleases, running quickly in the good luck of new era. Peng Xinsheng one’s previous experience is poor and humble, academic and aspirant can bear hardships, although had not read how many book, but respect however and be apt to uses a talented person. No matter be at the outset perfect of force Jian goosefoot holds the position of a sale, resolved the crisis of spinning factory, still invite Tang Xiangyang to join in for many times later, established auspicious spring day to change the basis of the factory, showed Peng Xinsheng’s know one’s subordinates well enough to assign them jobs commensurate with their abilities. And he noticed Feng very quickly also, and the decision makes his responsible auspicious spring day converts a plant.

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Choose Feng nevertheless, besides ability, more important is the uncle that took a fancy to Feng it is Zhou Bingyi. Right now Zhou Bingyi from Beijing recall, became Ji Chun’s a member. Have this concern, do not beg offer convenient, do not have a person at least dare create difficulties for sb. Peng Xinsheng takes Feng seriously very much, can saying is handgrip hand taking Feng mount guard. Feng just graduates, although have knowledge and major, but still be bookishness after all, to socially way to do sth, be in charge of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties complexly especially, it is to know nothing about.

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Pengxin is born even if that can guide Feng , pointed out the person of new way to her. Although Feng was changed by Zhou Nan a lot of, but she has ambition as before, have vanity, have corporeal pursuit. And should have managed day to convert a plant only, these metropolises have, not only can take care of family, give Zhou Jiatian light, more important is to be able to prove his. Peng Xinsheng gave Feng power, and the look that Feng sees be born to Pengxin, also had different glorious gradually.

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From actual consideration, difference of two people age is not big, crude character still also considers Pengxin pretty good, also had base of a few material, each respect can be the happy match of Feng , can guide Feng on the career especially, this are very appropriate. But two people want to develop, be being put in a the largest block is Zhou Rong then. Zhou Rong is one has in morally ” clean addiction ” person, cannot change even Cai Xiaoguang her. Zheng beautifuls that equity abandons the business with invalid agreement, she knows, in her the Pengxin in the eye is born even if that turtledove takes the person of magpie mew, zheng Juan need not want, but you have to give, this is the moral problem of a person.

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Of Peng Xinsheng in business character business, everything is with the interest of the enterprise first, looking in her is benefit word pawn, if the daughter is together with such person, she from the bottom of the heart be not to like not to support. The mother and daughter of good not easy rehabilitate concerns, estimation can be collision. Mew [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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