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Original title: ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up 3 ” came, hou Hongliang speak bluntly did not want good how to be patted, netizen: Fast go for Hu Ge The high grade drama of respecting home, that circles noonday nevertheless sunshine certainly. From ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” begin, of noonday sunshine advocate achieve a group to begin to carry good theatrical work for the market, resembling is ” parental love ” , ” battle Changsha ” the label that although did not hit noonday sunshine,waits for work, shine to concern with Kong Sheng, Houhong however.

20220225020143 62183887b440a

From 2015 ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” begin, the renown head of noonday sunshine encircles start shooting formally in movie and TV, ” Wen Zhou two family ” , ” north is smooth without war ” , ” the person that pretend ” , ” happy eulogy ” … a ministry made excellent high quality an excellent work ascend screen, the amateur that abounded us lives.

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Noonday sunshine is special be good at adapting work, resembling is ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” , ” happy eulogy ” it is the book revises play. This kind of drama is having explode red likelihood, but had had a few limit to gut and part as a result of origianl work, if pick part or gut movie and TV changes a respect to have neglect a bit, appear very easily the problem of to turn over.

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Of before be opposite from noonday sunshine nevertheless a few work accuse to look, advocate achieved a group to had undertaken be adjustinged for a long time with one part actor it seems that, formed dye-in-the-wood tacit agreement. Resembling is the frequenter that the actor such as Hu Ge, Jin Dong, Wang Kai, Liu Tao, Yang Shuo is noonday sunshine drama, and the making group such as Hou Hongliang, Kong Sheng is special also be good at finding likely location and part for their everybody.

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Also absolutely, the each series drama of noonday sunshine is very successful, resembling is ” happy eulogy ” , ” great river great river ” it is the the old cast gives the drama market that perform almost so, around looks twice without giving thought to from grading or viewing rate, maintain almost in about the same horizontal on. And ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” was the 2nd to enable brand-new cast, related the story of enemy of affection of kind and enmity that produces between below one generation. Although this one grading fails 9.4 minutes with the first side-by-side, but 8.5 minutes notch also had represented an audience people approbate.

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But compared with brand-new story, audience people or more want to see a the old cast, continuance of the first gut ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” , return an audience when the first ending after all people kept a suspense, let many audiences feel in those days the Lin Shu, Mei Changsu nowadays returns vivid on earth certainly, can continue to accompany Jing Yan to establish with his incomparable wisdom a millennium.

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Because this is in ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up 2 ” when the message that will film comes out, audience people was full of expect, but when one is sowed, just knowing is a brand-new story. Although gut as before wonderful, but audience people unavoidable however some are disappointed. Nowadays ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up 3 ” take near at hand, this invites many audiences again people the hope that lighted the first add to write again, many audiences run to noonday sunshine advocate leave a message below the gregarious platform that starts a group, hope they can fast go for Hu Ge, the old cast that lets the first goes out perform the 3rd, round audience a dream.

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Face an audience nevertheless people enthusiastic, hou Hongliang however speak bluntly did not want good how to pat this ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up 3 ” , such making known one’s position that also invite an audience people expect perturbed. Nevertheless also the personage inside course of study discloses, the 3rd gut and the first correlation are spent extremely tall, after basically telling about teenager Lin Shu to complete collapse in Chi Yanjun, all the way hardships and dangers of all previous classics, the story that change the appearance wanders to fall at the day with Mei Changsu identity, will look from this, the possibility that the song that ask moustache returns to is very large still.

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But a work is not to rely on a main actor to be able to be maintained completely, ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” can gain a success the first times, with other part masterly acting also cannot take off a relation. Of personate of the Neon feng4huang2 infanta that resembles personate of the Xiao Jingyan that is Wang Kai personate, Liu billows, Wu Lei fly stream, the static the wife of a prince that still has personate of Mr. Liu Mintao… it is these actor join forces made an an excellent work.

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And nowadays the actor such as Wang Kai, Liu Tao, Wu Lei is a gleam of inside the industry, mr. Liu Mintao also is depending on ” ten million to pat ” to have one’s moment continuously network, such battle array wants collect neat fact to belong to not easy, also no wonder Mr. Hou Mr. Hong Liang does not have a movement tardy. Serve as an audience we, nature is a hope a day that when can see collect of the old cast is neat, just do not know this to you can be like wish?

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