Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: ” have Fei ” the actor’s lines that is played bad and gut, netizen: I laugh at feel a pain in chest, can forgive me not ” have Fei ” had broadcasted largely, also greeted oneself cruel heart link, nevertheless, this a bit does not affect netizens to be opposite of actor’s lines and gut ” play ” , have the imposing manner that employs a new height greatly it seems that.

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What Zhou Fei thinks Xie Yun is a wander about only all the time is small mix, did not think of to was gone up to make an one face by a gentleman of person of article general group muddled. Thank allow to turn over to drop waists-coat so far, became the imperial crab in big members of a family! Nevertheless, what before how is this gut mixed before how is this gut mixed, see is different? Male advocate change on body gentleman, should be to turn over ” vocal ” ? How to become instead large drop waists-coat spot, even genuflect is begged female advocate ” sing conquer ” !

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Must say, is Xie Yun estimates on this gentleman history go up to do not have card face most? Although thanked the waists-coat of allow to drop, nevertheless a bit does not affect his open ” funny than ” mode.

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Do not know everybody still has impression to this actor’s lines, “In every case has one person to take off sheet, you stand be about to its assassinate ” ! Originally gut of union of this actor’s lines is very reasonable, but netizens must be taken,come out alone ” play ” .

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Take not only play, still spit groove to say Xie Yun this part is abnormal ah, oneself cannot find wife, do not let others take off sheet, say who takes off sheet to be attacked actually who to kill, so ” abnormal ” ? Deserve to get on this to pursue especially, what do not know is true still was believed! Will see Xie Yun send Zhou Fei this gut of small Mu Dao again, original other people sends token, unluckily some of netizen wants evil do, deserve to get on ” is he in connotation am I Zhao penknife ” ? It is not funny the dead really, swear not to stop!

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Said again, rancor rancor south the knife has many fierce who does not know, dare spitting groove actually is Zhao penknife, you are true do not be afraid that A Fei rancors you ah! Nevering mention it is those who serve as a netizen you, it is Xie Yun also not dare ah, call him minute minutes to sing conquer. The most wonderful still is this their picture in the prison, was really do not respect this prison house! You say to there is the key on your hand, still play this part to act dry what? Be in charge this really, did young couple get along?

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Still ” then we go toward which now ” , which can you go? It is to let Xiaoxie take the key to open the door of course, remove! Say even the netizen to both of you come out directly! Both of you still must play enough, pardonable should evil do you! Nevertheless, as female advocate rancor rancorring imposing manner still wants some, this Xiaomo lens is taken, young join a regular shift or class is gotten, go out to get sidle. How to see Xie Yun have the look of bit of bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections!

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Saw so much day ” have Fei ” , can find different joy everyday. Wonderful comment, do laugh gut, your person to laugh those who break up is evil do, pardonable not little netizen expresses ” I laugh at feel a pain in chest, can forgive I not ” ? Calculate forgive nevertheless you, won’t you yourself run to look again certainly? Ha! Note: Article content is achieved formerly, must not reprint without accredit. Partial picture originates network, if have tort, ask connection to delete, thank!

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