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Original title: Zhang Yi promotes instinctive quality to go out act ” meet season ” , yan Tao blames thunder favorable reply, cooperate again with Yuan Quan Zhang Yi promotes instinctive quality to go out act ” meet season ” ; After 6 years are being lain between when, spring of Yuan of thunder favorable reply cooperates again, thunder favorable reply professions Yuan Quan has meaty hemp; Yan Tao asks thunder favorable reply, why to recommend me to go out perform Ning You, his reply exceeds do laugh. 20220225020230 621838b61d3e9Meet season The antecedents of this drama; Noonday sunshine is able to bear or endure with A again collaboration, this drama is the novel according to her ” the flower falls season ” adapt, the novel shares 4; Had seen the netizen of work, know the novel passes domestic misfortune, tell about the kind and enmity of two acting people; Pass the love of two middleaged people again, will dissolve the kind and enmity of on one generation; What everybody does not know is, still have a thread the perforative novel that make a department, that is told namely close child education, overmatch nurturance is written down, adversity renascence is written down. After copyright comes down surely, the leader invites Jian Chuan Yu to become a director, his work authority is not new, it is high-quality goods completely, include ” happy eulogy ” ” Dou Ting is good ” wait for drama; Still invite origianl work author to make write a play, many her work patted teleplay, still be to explode paragraph, ” great river east go ” and ” Dou Ting is good ” it is out his hand; Invite Hou Hongliang to become producer again, really strong strong together, give high-quality goods surely. 20220225020230 621838b6897bfMeet season The actor of the young part in this drama also got speaking highly of; Yuan Quan goes out in this drama perform Ning You, although her acting is good, but her age is in that, give the Ning You that performs teenager period impossibly, can invite dream of young actor summer to go out only act, when seeing two the individual’s appearance, the netizen expresses, she is the Yuan Quan of young period, no matter will look from eye lip, still be temperament will look, the likeness of two people is spent very tall, she goes out perform young Ning You, also got a netizen approbate. Thunder favorable reply goes out in this drama perform Jian Hongcheng, visit his present appearance, how to also act to give teenager sense; Below this kind of circumstance, the director invites Li Dianzun to go out act, netizens discover, two people arrive from the figure facial features, produce a kind of unbalanced move like can let person, from the point of this, the director is good to pat this drama, kongfu accomplishs the home. 20220225020230 621838b6f300aDream of Yuan spring summer Zhang Yi promotes instinctive quality to give excuse performing peace; Since this drama after announcing person selected, the singer gives the Zhang Yi of the path to promote, arouse the netizen’s controversy, vermicelli made from bean starch says very happily, he realizes a desire, eventually, can go out perform negative character, cannot think of, the brother of my home still talks love; Black pink is all over the face bespatter; Everybody does not know, this part he is instinctive quality goes out act, that is to say, his appearance special accord with origianl work, ning Shu is described so in the novel, facial features and stereo outline are trenchant, high bridge of the nose, send what coil naturally to do not have a law directly, appearance is brilliant, the unlike man that the skin fair-skinneds in vain, when he is bashful, skin Bai Li is being appeared red, who can tell everybody? In performing art circle, besides him, who still accords with these depict; Somebody delimits him in the actor of little fresh pork all the time, everybody does not know, him present, not be real discharge star any more, since he knows a few eldest brother, while resource soares, acting also is all the way violent wind rises. 20220225020231 621838b7cbaf7Zhang Yi is promoted The Zhang Yi in eye of thunder favorable reply is promoted; Everybody knows, his monicker calls small sheep, when taking this sport, thunder favorable reply evaluates him so, art promote already as a child sheep, become small fox; It is in program of put together art without the play, he is very clever, teleplay has a scenario, so everybody feels, he cannot play me. From this we conclude, he behaves very bright look mediumly in this drama, no matter be,love talks in drama, still be the shoulder that dew comes out, enough proves his acting lets a person astonish; Divide this beyond, still have in drama many bully total camera lens, for instance, he sits it is inside of a gate, look at slowly a brake that falls, although he did not make any motions, but can see from his expression, the cheetah that whole person resembles chasing is same, show fierce view; He is wearing fastidious suit, it is obviously in general business affairs situation, but the sense that gives a person is spooky; When the elder sister criticises he plays with fire, his word, with respect to the rancor that can let an audience experience him; Regrettablly, while he is being avenged, oneself also paid heavy price. His acting is in all the time growth, without giving thought to with yellow Bo partner, still take sport with Sun Gonglei, where to pull the hind leg that discharge stars? 20220225020232 621838b84bcfaThunder favorable reply Thunder favorable reply professions Yuan Quan has meaty hemp; This drama, be 6 years are lain between when them, cooperate again, yuan Quan need not say in the acting that performs art circle, zhou Runfa also does not receive her show sometimes; Thunder favorable reply need not introduce more, his acting is online all the time, also be this year recreation is encircled most igneous actor. He gives the Jian Hongcheng that act in drama, giving fontal Ning You with Yuan Quan is college fellow student, he falls in love at first sight to Ning You, as a result of, two had feeling of gratitude or resentment, from beginning to end, they did not go, during this, he does not know, did not take account; Lie between when old, two people encounter again, just open two. Of peaceful excusing father die, concern with oneself father unexpectedly, their father is in same a factory job, during this, their father produced quarrel; From now on, two knots issue kind and enmity, ning You’s father dies because of this thing, so Ning You likes him again, accept impossibly also; This thing let her little brother Ning Shu leave a shadow, later, ning You married, he also can let go only; Become middleaged person them, encounter again, right now, ning You just divorces; From inside peaceful excusing mouth, after be informed her father death to be informed the truth, two people decide, solve ancestors together of the person contradictory; For the little brother that father avenges, became the obstacle of this thing; Although two contradiction was not solved, but when they are together, very sweet still, to him of peaceful excusing bear in mind constantly, cannot help or professioned to Ning You, when peaceful excusing respecting, young and factitious love, when can abandoning a lot of things. He came to immediately afterwards, we is such age no good? This meaningful speech, let hearts of peaceful excusing face jump. 20220225020233 621838b905ebeYuan Quan Yan Tao asks thunder favorable reply, have good fun, why to recommend me to enter group; They cooperate ” between the world ” , just sow; ” meet season ” broadcast immediately, from the point of cast, not second at, ” between the world ” ; From the point of story frame of the introduction, what also can arouse an audience to seek theatrical work greatly is enthusiastic. Recently, they are accepted when interviewing, yan Tao speaks, last I still ask him, why to recommend me to go out perform Ning You. He is such answers, in my heart special contradiction, if recommend you to enter group, in case you explode again fire, the after inspecting nomination this year, the name that does not have elder sister of other young lady, do not recommend you! See beautiful be in everyday ” between the world ” in dry housework, feeling compunctious, you say this kind of thing, correct knot? So the issue came, everybody likes the CP of knock thunder favorable reply and cherry, still like knock thunder favorable reply and Yuan Quan’s CP? 20220225020233 621838b9bf632Yan Tao Note: The picture in article originates network, if have copyright problem,contact an author to delete please.

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