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Original title: ” on the west travel notes ” the performer with top remuneration, sell bittern dish to fend nowadays, pass 60 still temperamental and dye-in-the-wood! ” on the west travel notes ” as one of 4 big famous book, the position in compatriots heart cannot be replaced. Can say 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” in the heart in everybody already apotheosis, in the time with that recreation underdeveloped program, travel notes had achieved superhigh viewing rate on the west.

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As classical, escape hard also for certain turn over the destiny that pat, but the most classical still is 86 edition, rebroadcast frequency exceeds 3000 times, in introducing to its homebred teleplay cannot the summit summit of exceed. The conflagration of this drama also is taken red the bone of a lot of old show in drama, for instance 6 small age child, Xu Shaohua.

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Take ” day price ” this actress that we should say remuneration today because ” of personate ” white Long Ma one horn by the masses hep, he is Wang Baizhao. Hear this name everybody may be not quite familiar, but he also once was extremely red temporarily, still be however on the west the performer with the top remuneration in travel notes play staff.

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Well-known, at that time on the west the funds of travel notes play staff is limited, the actor’s pay is lower, picture 6 small age child such leading role remuneration also has 80 basically only much, the remuneration of Dan Wangbai clear is as high as 500 one collect unexpectedly, 3 collect came down to be taken 1500, can saying at that time is ” day price ” remuneration.

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“White Long Ma ” become classical part Wang Baizhao to having extremely tall glow to literary career as a child, setbacks of all previous classics took an examination of Shanghai Thespian institute to perform a department eventually, begin to set foot on act art road. Big 3 when he is done fortunately by pitch on the film ” the affection in the pen ” hero, because this theatrical work is little inside the circle,also have name.

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His wonderful performance in drama also is directed to take a fancy to by Yang Jie, feel he suits very much ” white Long Ma ” this part. But he of already little at that time famous energy of life does not value this part, blurt out opens those who gave 500 yuan of one market ” day price ” remuneration, hope poplar clean can shrink back from difficulties.

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But did not think of Yang Jie’s director agrees readily unexpectedly, wang Baizhao sees this is bad also to refuse, promise to go out performed this role. Reckon he himself did not think of, “White Long Ma ” in will making life most a part that last long. Pat ” on the west travel notes ” Wang Baizhao fame get on a building again, still went to the United States directing collaboration with Li An even ” shove a hand ” .

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Exit recreational group, dish selling stew in soy sauce makes a living the Wang Baizhao later faded out of recreation to encircle gradually, he nowadays already 63 years old, although be done not have from beginning to end bright red big violet, but present life is insipid also and happy. He nowadays opened in Nanjing the name is ” 7 goose ” bittern food store, dish selling stew in soy sauce makes a living.

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He present also joined direct seeding main force in, now and then video is released in direct seeding platform, before paragraph he still is in time to make warm-up conduct propaganda for his direct seeding. He in video is wearing short sleeve T-shirt of black, cut the bingle of an efficient, although 63 years old, but psychosis is very good, look the life nowadays is very easy and comfortable also happy.

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Thanked him to also bring classical screen figure for us, the brushstroke of thick Mo Chongcai stayed in our memory. Hope Wang Baizhao is healthy in the day henceforth, everything is well, the old age that enjoys oneself well lives.

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To the part that Wang Baizhao personate spends, do not know everybody still has impression?

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