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Original title: ” Bai Qing elder brother ” first premonitory and open! Li Min pick is fallen in love with small 8 years old ” young edition Yin Ruzhen ” !

20220225020315 621838e3b39de

Pick of Li Min of male god of 34 years old of Korea marchs international arena, main actor Apple TV+ starts theatrical work formerly ” Bai Qing elder brother ” (Pachinko) , personate is acting 1900 not Wei times and nation are manacled, wander in black and white two businessman, after returning home town Korea, encounter act ” Ru Zhen of young edition Yin ” 26 years old of Jin Min carry on his shoulder or back. 2 people span identity difference drops into the love net, an open today wave is premonitory in, the close bed that still the face sticks a face makes fun of, let an audience expect extremely.

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With Jin Min carry on one’s shoulder has many kisses to make fun of in play of Li Min pick, premonitory in still have kiss show. ” Bai Qing elder brother ” adapt homonymic and popular from new York Times novel, by popular album ” killing ” (The Killing) write of playwrite Su Xiu, with the film ” build new way ” the Han Yi Meiji with wide hep humanness directs Guo Gongda (Kogonada) , Gu Siting week is collective hold guide, hollywood group is made. This drama use Han, day, flower 3 kinds of languages, the Korea that is dominated by Japan with taking the place of 1900 is setting, the woman with tough personate of golden quick carry on one’s shoulder ” suitable kind ” , the wealthy businessman that pick of encounter Li Min explains ” Chinese water ” , body and mind is faced with to accept the difficult position of the challenge fully in colony.

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Li Min pick personate moves back and forth in black and white two businessman. Yin Ruzhen with ” dreamy ground ” have the honor to win Oscar after optimal female costar, first work gives ” Bai Qing elder brother ” . Her personate is emigrant later reach Japan ” aged suitable kind ” , see son and grandchildren took the place of to still get 1980 the colour bar, arouse the eddy of memory, in drama spatio-temporal move back and forth back and forth, the loneliness that depicts strange person and embarrassed, the close affection that for generations does not move and love, hope and dream do not go out because of oppressing.

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Yin Ru Zhenyong seizes Oscar optimal female after matching, show ” Bai Qing elder brother ” , personate is senile ” suitable kind ” . Playwrite Su Xiu suffers when visitting, disclose: “” Bai Qing elder brother ” just about the sort of becoming once you begin to create, can be attracted thoroughly by it, the work that is complete catharsis philosophy even. I am honoured to be able to become this album to make very much among them, it lets me the opportunity can greet to my ancestor not only, the actor that also can be permeated with with these talent at the same time cooperates. The actor that also can be permeated with with these talent at the same time cooperates..

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Acting 1900 wealthy businessman is in drama of Li Min pick, return home town Korea from Osaka, encounter Jin Min carries on his shoulder or back. Li Min pick (left) , Jin Min carries on his shoulder or back (in) , Yin Ruzhen (right) the main actor’s Apple+ starts Han theatrical work formerly ” Bai Qing elder brother ” adapt new York Times homonymic and popular novel.

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