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Original title: Go up astral drama nowadays already no longer ” high ” , to the actor, net play is bigger to the addition of the career If often pay close attention to recreational the Eight Diagrams and star rice group, then you can see a such phenomena certainly, that is vermicelli made from bean starch often ” blow ” of oneself God on astral drama. Because look in major vermicelli made from bean starch, astral drama compares net theatrical work on ” high ” , the drama that young actor acts the leading role can go up star, that is individual value and countryman spend reflect. And net drama photograph is compared under ” cheap ” a few, be circlet layer only amuse oneself. So, if the drama of oneself God can go up star, so vermicelli made from bean starch can feel honored to think greatly even a person of extraordinary powers.

20220225020342 621838fe15290

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Can be not actually such. Net drama is looked at nowadays even than going up astral drama is returned ” can hit ” , to the actor especially young actor, rise at the career period for the actor, career addition is bigger. Everybody knows, in current society, often can defend the audience crowd in drama of the teleview before the television, basic it is medium senile audience crowd. And the youth because the job, school work is busy, add be fond of the burgeoning thing such as science and technology of Internet, electron more, so this kind of crowd is mostly theatrical work is sought on the net or be drama watching a network.

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Mix to Neozoic actor rise at the career period for the actor, young talented person is them is basic dish, the youth is right of their career help strength bigger. And in senile audience to the actor, it is main least of all group actually. Because in old people, contribute viewing rate besides contribution, the business that can do is not too much. Have netizen give an example ” good city ” . The netizen expresses, grandson the countryman of couple, Yu Hewei is spent very tall, of their main actor ” good city ” viewing rate is very high also, before discharging year 3. But this drama discussion volume on the net is not quite high however, the teleplay that sows completely than crossing the corresponding period to be in. Investigate its are essential, it is medium senile audience maintains the topic that does not have drama market to spend.

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Say so, to the actor, rise at the career especially period for the actor, young crowd just is them ” the countryman is spent ” . Of course, even if arrived today, still somebody is persistent think to go up astral drama compares net theatrical work ” high ” , also still vermicelli made from bean starch takes viewing rate ” vaunting ” . In this part person in distaining catenary, than viewing rate more ” high ” is film booking office, and net drama broadcasts a quantity the platoon is distaining catenary extreme. Because look in this part person, net drama broadcasts a quantity to have ” affusion ” likelihood, not quite true.

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Undeniable, mention in recent years ” broadcast a quantity ” , a lot of people can associate to affusion, there also has been such case really before. But ” viewing rate ” completely true? Either, also explode in recent years the case that has given affusion of a few viewing rate. Viewing rate and broadcast a quantity, this both authority is damaged in succession actually, the sense of comparative reference is not quite great. As to grading respect, everybody knows, there are many networks nowadays water army interpose and guide grading, no matter be to go up,astral drama still is net drama, sufferred pound, be in so grading respect, net drama and on astral drama also does not have a wall already.

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Present audience, what pay attention to most still is the degree giving a group of a drama, no matter it is net drama,still go up astral drama. Picture ” Dou Ting is good ” ” Yan Xi strategy ” this kind beside the person is being chased after, explode in what look money theatrical work, just be worth to blow — after all, the person explodes in what look beside paragraph, what encircle interior compared with the meal is orgiastic, that ability is true ” high ” . Besides, capacity of the battle array of drama of very much nowadays net, system and devoted a bit also unlike go up astral theatrical work is poor. For example loves to surprise art dense fog theater, it was being contributed in recent years for example ” secret corner ” ” silent truth ” ” 10 days of game ” wait for public praise good theatrical work, get masses recognition fully.

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And hit a heat when those outstanding net drama, hit exit tablet, they are bought very likely by the TV station, then go up again star. Come round to look with respect to eye, “First net tiring-room ” had become the hot mark that sow drama to match, and the TV station is early also be accustomed to sth, often can buy a few heat to sow a net 2 rounds of drama of drama, public praise net to defend inspect issue right. Drama of this kind of net, drama of the star on contrast, can say to accept numerous scale wider, give a circle to spend taller, consequence bigger, more also to career addition of the actor.

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