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Original title: ” green training class ” : TVB is written on century a love letter of 80 time As TVB 2022 year open year of big play, ” green training class ” (renown ” green shameless ” ) calculate going up is sincerity is full. The serials of 15 collect told about Liu Derong and neat canoe to make the growing story of astral factory TVB in 80 time Hong Kong again. Archetypal nature need not say more, them career, love spreads out one by one, pair of way seek when youth is confused, give aid to each other, the oath that has had collective riches and honor also has by outside foment dissension, have achieve a clue to also have a ground formerly real event is adapted, the uses sweep nostalgic wind of CG animation ases if to let our dream answer again 8090, witness TVB most the days of at the height of power and splendour.

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” green training class ” above century the TVB of 80 time art member training class is setting, the youth that tells about each bosom dream is in a TV station water of brandish shed tears and sweat, interweave with mirth and warmth the growing old practice that gives a paragraph of warmth. Be worth what carry is, this drama used resource of a large number of valuable data film, include in those days art member training class tries young lady of lens and exam extract, Hong Kong to enter into an election contest extract, the audience can see the giant stars nowadays are become the rare appearance of young acerbity face.

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The work that this is TVB him him greeting, can be TVB to be written on century a love letter of 80 time, also experienced 80 time from inside the actors of one’s previous experience of art lecture class fall in a rise and fall of bound of movie and TV. Theme is quite good, that is a giant star comes forth in large numbers really the times of yearning making a person, although the story compares crisscross, but the giant star story that knows to telling those comparison to time remembers a point dimly. Every collect has a theme, gut is simple but touching however, can look occasionally cry. Although be mix,the person of lead group is set miscellaneous the setting of a few archetypal star, but the idea that letting me taking prototype in the course that seeks theatrical work should be what appearance, of integral feeling or be able to pass.

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And the has it very much originality with this true drama and meaning, the actor is not so good really become, no matter you are when red blast child chicken or the passerby that make sauce, divulge the move is not easy, set foot on actor from them this road begins for, they are equal, but outcome is different however, encounter difficulty, some people are unwilling sink into, begin to be made from white utility man, challenge tall difficulty, and some people sink into thoroughly however, abandonment, gamble is in debt.

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And the differs about actor acting problem that says groove generally to the netizen, I feel however or can accept. Because be new personality actor, acting still needs polish, but return pretty to fit this theme. Young actor acting is general and common, have some of field even the mouth is very poor, sluggish tone is clear, place favour does not calculate too give play too. Discuss the subject matter of art lecture class, art lecture class mentions to come out inside constant be on the bench, but art lecture class does not come out the leading role of this drama, also do not have how true get over, have bit of satirize actually, the actor that if pick part,can give art lecture class one’s previous experience will be more significant.

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Dispatch of Hunan look forward to changes the Deng classmate of medium limited company to evaluate the respecting when this drama, nostalgic youth + TV actor is miserable history, theme is good, god-given TVB from ridicule, regrettablly content is insufficient, capital is defective, pick part general. Theory nostalgic, take inferiorly change path and setting special give play, use cartoon + TV dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed pursues quite clever. And listening to those once popularity makes classical song dub in background music to now, coordinate gut development, look at the Thespian life of part of content of characters in a play, know the little information of the TV station that is brought up to a few him for company, still have those already parting actor singers video appear, full recall 80 ‘ the atmosphere of S Golden Age, it is pretty good still that the effect comes out to return.

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Anyhow the gut rhythm of this drama is lively, dot of tear laugh a dot is united in wedlock properly, the clue sticks the ground, the part is lively, and a lot of detail have scenic episode the feeling of 80 time, look reach make very attentively. And we yearn for classical harbor wind, also be the youth in him yearning actually, yearn for a golden age in die. But, it is nostalgic sentiment merely, not enough, important still is to borrow Gu Jian today, look to future. And this, also be ” green training class ” real purpose: It is not is to traffic feelings only, the youth infuse that tries to be instantly however an encourage, tell everybody, the success is not an easy thing forever. Each star greatly, it is struggle from the nobody come out. More and wonderful recommend: ” the benevolence cure below sky ” the harbor drama that does not have sodden end inaccessibly ” those who fall in love with me decline god ” the strange unreal playlet with peculiar set ” the benevolence cure below sky ” open the TVB stage with pretty good bureau to celebrate theatrical work

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