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Original title: Teleplay net sows heat a list of names posted up, ” still feed ” drop before going out 3, ” meet season ” the platoon is in the 2nd Up to dispatch time, from ” edition of cat eye major ” real time data shows knowable, current heat sows teleplay in, the net sows 5 drama with highest heat to part as follows: The first ” between the world ” it is pretty good that this teleplay returns thunder favorable reply, Song Jia, story content consecution is clear, take the place of to feel strong, this drama reflects that times life truely, in 669 time, the child in the home must go and work in the countryside and mountain areas, shop to want by the ticket, the flesh eats quite far from, wait a moment with respect to a cotton-padded trousers in the winter. Setting and photography picture are very good. The main actor shift that acts Zhou Jiasan sibling namely is too rapid, still be inferior to at the beginning with respect to You Leijia sound, Song Jia they perform He Xinbai blueness. It is better to arrive more from the back, too touching. Of course regrettablly the place also has, can say this theatrical work only the destiny of a lot of characters experiences affliction, the person that has experienced that time should have comprehend, the transfer to a lower level of wintry plum parents is rectified, the suffering of educated youth go and work in the countryside and mountain areas, can saying today’s theatrical work only is to need to color peace and tranquility.

20220225020429 6218392d63452

The 2nd ” meet season ” story of thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan is original unengaging, the advertisement that inserts by force lets a person more be agitated. That big crop of thunder favorable reply child flavour changes to be not dropped also bore, but Zhang Yi promotes one ask for a favor, let a person really very give play, he should sign up for a performance to groom class, learn well ” movie and TV phonates ” basic method. And their collect together, it is person of a place, oral speech soundvoice is far apart however, direct broken result. Still Yuan Quan and Zhang Yi are promoted when performing adversary to make fun of, acting is not on an administrative levels, spring of Yuan of be a burden on of very old rate. The acting that Zhang Yi promotes and actor’s lines problem too pull hip, look not to come out to have the look of bit of elite on character set. Waste subject matter, regrettablly cast ~

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The 3rd ” the city of time ” body of play of Jing Tian, Xu Weizhou nots worth 4 stars, but the intention of this esteem origianl work merits 4 stars. Very reductive novel, even some of actor’s lines was accomplished 100 percent reductive. Nevertheless the problem depends on be being patted not up to much, peace and tranquility is weak. I like this set quite, but 20 collect are stupefied was to read a period of leave. Want to abandon the contradictory state of mind that wants to be chased after then again. Male advocate too be being carried, movement and expression are not quite natural, the small wolfhound from the back nods a meaning less also. Partial the plot of a play, male advocate be modelled too low-downly. Major moment, also do not look to go out female advocate love, feel male advocate quite pitiful… the woman role of this drama holds out a colour, each have his absolute idea, not be the man furniture that is manacled below the feudal society completely.

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The 4th ” still feed ” Wu Jin character, Xu Kai can say to still be fed is the bright drama with the most reductive in recent years dress, the gut inside is very compact also, have prototype of a lot of histories. Ability of main actor of male and female very attentively, male advocate Yan Zhi acting is online. Female advocate at the beginning makeup appearance is meaningless, be intended picture is weak, because consider that time female advocate still cook, the capacity is small. Female advocate oneself ask, when she is publicized, also said. Men and women advocate very be in attentively harden oneself acting, progress is very great, evaluate theatrical work honestly, not other the drag in of a few things that has nothing to do with this drama comes over, too inequitable to the actor! This drama is worth to look very much, look to like to cheer ~ more more

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The 5th ” full-dress ” Song Jia, Chen He is overall and pretty good. Song Jia is very firm, actor’s lines strength is deep, the scheming Chen Kaiyi is dark those who act is good. Beautiful beautiful very good also, harbor general adds cent. Just, the part set to the actor some are too simple, zhang Chao’s Yan Kai, the uncle’s Xiang Tingfeng, it is go-between of field of fame and gain, in human nature should more complex stereoer, the sort of because of family property of love give up babyish, because origin is common and by hook and crook struggle, this kind simple straight the part individual character that white character setting creates lets a person very hard believe. Very good-looking still nevertheless, I saw the sign of some famous magazine company dimly, ~ of very actual subject matter ~ expects the 2nd season!

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Teleplay net sows heat a list of names posted up, which are you chasing after? Code word is not easy, the welcome pays close attention to bit of assist, leave a message discuss.

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