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Original title: New world: Big tassel child those who fasten woman role most denounce happy event, star 2 generation Zhang Ye child super- have audience reason Teleplay ” new world ” in 5 gold beautiful a special collection of short films, personate cropland red, Liu Rusi, Dao Meilan, Guan Baohui, big tassel child 5 actors part to undertake unscrambling to respective part. I like disposition is big most, careless, still have bit of big ribbon of 2 child. The reason is a bit ineffable, she is not female advocate, her show share is driven to gut not quite, she does not have part aureola, but I like namely.

20220225020432 62183930b534e

Seeking theatrical work is occasionally such, you are met not classics is easy by certain part ” report ” to, the raise one’s hand that discovers her next casts full special seem all right, put in that drama to be coordinated extremely, resemble big tassel child, you see her know, this is a girl of local born and bred old Beijing earth. In this drama, big tassel child show share is not much. But she has attractive amorous feelings oneself. Around the small courtyard that lives in her in, wrap up is in the cotton-padded clothes of her massiness. That should be the sex appeal of portion in one’s heart, have nothing to do fine-looking, be in only lasting appeal. Big tassel child disposition all along won’t talk in a roundabout way, shrewdness of it doesn’t matter, head turns so that also appear some slower. Using present word to say is to have a place 2. But she is kind-hearted, genuine, this is her commendable place, also be lovely place. Because this kind is simple, dinkum,be probably, this character very get audience edge, everybody likes her, because her person is set,be not only, the likelihood returns some is actor show of the part idiosyncratic, perhaps said to gift with more detail more of part of press close to idiosyncratic.

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For instance big tassel child knock melon seeds watchs the scene of bustle, that is a disengaged girl does not have thing person appearance; For instance she is taking kitchen knife, strong interest the look that takes toward the doorway, that is rely on the eldest brother of black and white sweep the deck, ability day is not afraid of the appearance that the ground is not afraid of; See she and swallow again when 3 appointment lovely be proud again charming, show off how those who breathe out is congenial, going up soon is a person that is close to particularly easily, still can get along when the brother. In living actually, have a lot of such person, heart not fortify, will go continuously continuously, warmhearted, but she does not know how hugger-mugger, can do bad thing involuntarily sometimes. Although such person is a nobody, but personality is very distinct. Big tassel child can represent as this subhuman.

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Big tassel child by the Zhang Ye that is graduated from central Thespian institute child personate. Father is to ever was in ” serious case 6 groups ” the well-known actress Zhang Chao of Zheng Yimin of the personate in series. Artistic gene together with is brought up in 81 film studioes as a child, be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears is the experience related to the performance, rise from 4 years old so, she has attended a few the Chinese dub of cartoon participates in Dishini the show of teleplay, say to go up young artistic worker.

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Later, zhang Ye child take an examination of the play in going up, and the interest with duologue strong generation. She ever had said: Arena is place of a magic, compared with film for the film and teleplay, the one-time performance of two a on arena many hour, hours, can let perform ability to get better play more. Very appreciation is in the time with consummate nowadays material, young Zhang Ye child can have the heart with a blundering purify, she thinks above all is a performance, is not to make money. Really, encircle in the deduction nowadays, everybody thinks red. So, too much and young actor is not willing to be on arena of unprofitable modern drama ” cost time ” . However, zhang Ye child the Thespian atelier that went to people skill theater to direct Lin Zhaohua greatly later in college graduate however acts had a modern drama, she calls a station stagewise, can feel the soul is taken a particularly clean place, reincarnate becoming a part is the hard work of dripping wet of merry and lively. This is the understanding of deeper to the performance administrative levels, it is the practice after a young actor thinks to the performance. This are very god-given. Arrive from graduation now, zhang Ye child join the stage play that perform ” the accent of Beijing ” , ” that year I learn to drive ” , ” come home ” , drama of movie and TV ” the time that concerns with youth ” , ” surgical wind and cloud ” , ” the home has children blossom first ” wait for a few work. 2019, with father Zhang Chao attended put together art together ” the boy friend of daughters ” , let more audience know realer bit 2 generation Zhang Ye child.

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Because,be probably as a child the reason that parents leaves other, it seems that disposition is optimistic, big Zhang Ye child the heart is having softness and literary one side, it is the easy feeling that she is good at concealing a heart only. She is in go out jointly with father perform city scene theatrical work ” the home has children blossom first ” when, once had recorded a paragraph of oneself heart monologize: Pat ” the home has children blossom first ” when, I had not seen father a lot of years, be in of a field reunion that day, I am no good hastily, thousands of words, collected finally ” wet elder brother ” . My pa is quite strange also, hold back became red facial rebuke ” I am your dad ” . Life, it is accurate amlposition feeling everywhere, relaxed be not to mask pain, squeeze hurriedly finally come out, can be foolish only foolish absurd. This word let a person see some feel distressed. To father, she has distance feeling, but the heart is to long to be close to however, of the sort of contradiction, complex mood be in harmony is in word of this short a few style or manner of writing, very literary, very sentimental, very stamp heart. Because there is the place that attracts me in her character, so again cento shares small paragraph one to everybody: Moment of the snow at the beginning of November 2019, zhang Ye child have a paragraph of such characters: This month, I am in the home that feels me deeply, my daily. I have the feeling that a kind of material shorts, do not know you also can have such feeling. I feel to dish is short of in my freezer, the dress is short of in almirah, report is lacked in the mobile phone, calcium is short of in the body, lack in brain strange think of clever want. My body, begin to become as the arrival of central heating of dryasdust. Such character is aesthetic, not argumentative have lasting appeal however, this lets me think of article if person.

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Zhang Ye child the beauty that does not have Jing letting a person to admire, be in as her ” new world ” in the big tassel of personate child same, she does not have Tian Dan in that way leading role aureola, be like an in that way enchanting sex appeal without willow, also do not have the eyebrow eye like Dao Meilan charming, but she let a person look to meet the person that remember namely, this is belong to her individual alone differentiate degree. Positive-appearing image Chen Daoming ever had said eye reason of the actor is same, after some actors let an audience look, can remember, can like, this is advantaged condition, seek an opportunity after that, succeed hard. So, zhang Ye child was to have commendable ” eye predestined relationship ” . So, expect her the wonderful performance in prospective work.

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