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Original title: Why the Zhao Mosheng such as treasure 7 years, after 7 years, wu Qian and the new theatrical work that Luo Yunxi acts the leading role will leave sow Each reader, mention arrive from campus the talk feeling drama of marriage gauze, where ministry can you think of? Small making up what think of first is ” why sheng xiao silent ” , in this drama, why treasure waited for Zhao Mosheng 7 years. Before you can say Jack Robinson, this drama already also broadcasted 7 years, but those who let everybody feel a surprise is, after 7 years, wu Qian and Luo Yunxi cooperate again, and the new theatrical work that they film also is about to show, do you expect?

20220225020532 6218396c7da4a

(The article is all picture, come from a network entirely, thank former writer, if violate your right, contact this date author to delete please. Picture and content have nothing to do, please not check the number is entered) ” why sheng xiao silent ” the talk feeling drama that is Zhong Hanliang He Tangyan’s main actor, and in this drama, zhao Mosheng of Wu Qian and teenager of Luo Yunxi personate and teenager why treasure, after this drama broadcasts, a lot of audiences are mixed by Wu Qian Luo Yunxi is sweet arrived, and they also depend on this drama by the audience more understanding.

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When seeing this, believe everybody 2 brush or 3 brush, wu Qian and Luo Yunxi go out although,act campus clue, although from the back Zhong Hanliang and Tang Yan also performed campus to make fun of, but their campus makes fun of, attention is spent and heat is mixed without Wu Qian apparently Luo Yunxi is tall. Be in ” why sheng xiao silent ” in, zhao Mosheng and why treasure already was together in university period, choose departure because of misunderstanding however, because lot goes again,arrive one case. The youth of a person has how long, can have how many 7 years to be used await, why treasure becomes an outstanding lawyer with time of 7 years. In time of these 7 years, believe he just understands the business between him parents and Zhaomo sheng father certainly, and he did not accept any person tardy, because be not put in the heart,issue Zhao Mosheng namely, that once brought good memory to him, safeguard his Zhao Mosheng none can hesitantly.

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On January 10, 2015, ” why sheng xiao silent ” sow, be apart from this drama to leave nowadays sow had gone 7 years, and those who make Wu Qian and pink of Luo Yunxi CP happy is, they 2 people cooperate again unexpectedly work of movie and TV. Why treasure: “You think by what I why the woman that treasure can want to had divorced ” , nowadays ” the person that chase after light ” had killed blueness, as it happens goes 7 years, luo Yunxi again personate lawyer.

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” the person that chase after light ” those who tell about is lawyer Luo Ben searchs little sister Luo Yuan to disaster area, in the course that seek, the commonweal that Luo Ben bring into contact with heads with green hill header comes to help team, and with jubilate enemy exhibits Yan Xiang to encounter. In the process that get along, luo Ben is come to help gradually team place leads, become among them, slowly he also discovers exhibit colour good, and two people also begin to be admired gradually.

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On Feburary 22, ” the person that chase after light ” the government gives out a group of stage photo, the Luo Yunxi in stage photo wears a suit business suit, appear very handsome, the Wu Qian beside wears maize shirt, look youth beautiful beautiful. In city flourishing lamplight falls, luo Yunxi is shallow laugh turn the head sees Xiang Wuqian, and Wu Qian is looking attentively at ahead.

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See such stage photo, netizens think of instantly ” why sheng xiao silent ” medium gut, at that time eyeful of Zhao silent sheng is why treasure, the Wu Qian in stage photo sees Xiang Luoyun with the eyes that bestows favor on be addicted to bright, and Luo Yunxi looks to ahead. Through seeing the stage photo that the government gives out, small making up those who think of is another clue, at that time why treasure takes Zhao Mosheng to run 800 meters, zhao Mosheng complete short of why the standard that treasure asks, then Zhao Mosheng gives an idea to hope why treasure runs in front, oneself are chased after at the back, why treasure is laughing to say: “Do you know Zhao Mosheng not to know shame? “Do you know Zhao Mosheng not to know shame??

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Lie between when old, the acting of Wu Qian and Luo Yunxi had very great progress, it is good to believe they can be explained exhibit Yan Heluo this. Current, this drama has killed blueness, each reader, do you expect ” the person that chase after light ” ? After seeing stage photo, small make up want to look again ” why sheng xiao silent ” .

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