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Original title: Dragon of power of the Song Dynasty ascends body top flows, the female bit that whether can help bottleneck of these 3 experience flies litre This Spring Festival, most igneous teleplay is main actor of dragon of power of Song Qian, the Song Dynasty without doubt ” below one station is happy ” . Sister younger brother loves this kind of set gut to be in of two actors wonderful deduce under not only a bit does not appear fat, sweet instead degree explode watch. Be in reputably in, the person energy of life of two main actors also discovered simple change.

20220225020535 6218396f3abd4

The abidance of drama anthology is hot sow, result of two main actors cannot be done not have. Their nature also is the biggest person that be benefited, still be less than Song Wei dragon of 21 years old especially, the fierce it may be said that develops momentum is not had temporarily 2.

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Data is the most convincing without doubt. Dragon of power of the Song Dynasty is in recently network heat of 7 days, had surmounted extremely popular last year Wang Yibo, plum now, also do not calculate with Xiao Zhan’s difference big, ascend body top flows already.

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But, lean only ” below one station is happy ” , want to let dragon of power of the Song Dynasty be in what the top flows to stand firm locally, apparent not actual also. Begin from 2017 fortunately, dragon of power of the Song Dynasty received many teleplay. Because of a variety of reasons, annual did not broadcast 2019, but also erupt 2020 in the round for Song Wei dragon from flank provided enough resource. With Song Wei dragon photograph is compared, the actress that he cooperates in this trilogy, probably more expect drama anthology to be able to broadcast at an early date, because of them current career encountered bottleneck almost, one explodes the make occurrence of the paragraph, it is their an extremely urgency.

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Among them the topic is spent highest, it is dragon of power of the Song Dynasty, Lin Yun undoubtedly 2017 collaboration films this ” the other shore is spent ” . The sister younger brother that this differs 3 years old to the age is more because make fun of,condition lays in film. Although amour was not maintained for a long time, but the existence that the broker company of two actor evades the ground to admit this paragraph of amour none.

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Believe to want this drama to broadcast only, firm at that time full Song Wei dragon of 18 years old, natural meeting attracts large quantities of vermicelli made from bean starch to watch. Plus ” in former days sweethearts ” this stunt, enough let still be done not have at present any one explodes the Lin Yun of money work, get a not little flow. But very regrettablly, this drama does not know what reason, had been pressed to sow two years half, can broadcasting this year still also is an interrogation.

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Tan Songyun’s current unfavorable situation, it is good to should compare Lin Yun apparently many, ” under bright and beautiful garment ” the acting that let more person see her. But at present Tan Songyun also is in the age crisis that encounters all actress want to be faced with. This year will year full Tan Songyun of 30 years old, the idol play that also can not rely on a profundity making a person up to now leaves deep impression to the audience, and if be done not have again this year, in the future is more difficult. Fall in such circumstance, october switched on the mobile phone last year, still film without the end at present ” the name with family ” , will be Tan Songyun help straw. Dragon of power of the Song Dynasty, Zhangxin is in of personate is He Tansong charm into two handsome young men in this drama the part does not have kin ” little brother ” .

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Appear according to the road, dragon of power of the Song Dynasty and Tan Song Yun are returned in drama can kiss play appears, can say ” the name with family ” will be audience of a lot of women what cannot refuse is sweet bestow favor on drama, also be Tan Songyun on the career further great opportunity.

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With in front two actress photographs are compared, ” the school on the cloud ” Dai of a Ju Jing is them in the center at present most a of fire. Although flow is very high,bring up Jing Dai , but the awkwardness that she also has her, the work public praise that is her then is honest too poor. Although masterpiece ” Yun night tide is passed ” , grading also has 6.3 minutes only. 2019, ju Jing Dai is more again refresh public praise floor level, ” grant a pair of my wing please ” calm case is in 5.1 minutes, ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” have 4.4 minutes only more, two big play add up fail to exceed very.

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Can say, from Guan Xuanzhi day begins, ” the school on the cloud ” was hit ” sodden drama ” label, the person energy of life that relies on dragon of power of the Song Dynasty only will save. Still want to say finally, more important than this trilogy is, dragon of power of the Song Dynasty can be received next perform what theatrical work, skill good shop sign but cannot batter down. I am a head date ยท is big 1000 fox, judge the dribs and drabs that takes you to experience recreation to encircle with the joy that has qualitative feeling most. Achieve formerly not easy, carry surely investigate!

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