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Original title: ” between the world ” 46, 47 collect: Zheng Juan opens him ” fig leaf ” , will of guest of person of a white horse with a black mane is too accident ” between the world ” become at present most homebred drama of fire is no wonder also. No matter be character or gut reality of enough press close to, can take the place of to feel to the audience, can feel with experience the experience or faces life of content chooses everybody.

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” between the world ” in most the part that allows popular feeling to ache is favorable reply personate undoubtedly with personate from the point of the point of view that makes the child, zhou Bingkun is not the home alone child, and ice is harmony Zhou Rong is not family consider however, work selfishly according to oneself be fond of only. Zhou Bing smooths to live honest life all one’s life, but he did not give week is familial the change that brings how many materially. The family does not take seriously when the appearance is youthful. Those who replace is, the mother that his of one mind is thinking her because of anxious get angry, and she became plant person almost. And her father, what become because of Fenghua is disloyal, emerge on gas blood, before the body also is inferior to greatly.

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Zhou Bingkun is week is familial the youngest son. Although be before alien, zhou Zhigang also admits Zhou Bingkun’s contribution rarely, but the parents that Zhou Bingkun tries hard to take care of him. Zheng Juan is week of familial daughter-in-law, but she also is week is familial everything what paid oneself. However, as the development of gut, zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan’s destiny can’t help making a person feel distressed. After Zhou Bingkun enters an institution, move into new building, he and Zheng Juan’s life are better and better. Their common love is in ” between the world ” year made model really, but of Luo Shibin appear the life that broke their happiness.

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Because Luo Shibin is earlier fecundity is lost in jail and head for Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun again, and although Luo Shibin does not value this son earlier,Zhou Na becomes Luo Shibin’s exclusive flesh and blood, ignore his presence completely even, to selfish Luo Shibin, his hope is however for Zhou Na.

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But, luo Shibin is not a good person after all, although he is in all the time him beautification figure, no matter be the menace that beautifuls to Zheng,still be all sorts of temptation to Zhou Na, still telling Zhou Bingkun is Zheng beautiful accost he, all these explains Luo Shibin does not have any repentant meaning, and this, seize child battle comes to an end as Zhou Na’s death.

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The 46th after reporting Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan to die in their son with 47 collect, faces problem that Chinese TV station publishs. Luo Shibin criticises Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan are selfish. Result, zhou Bingkun was overturned not carefully insensible the Luo Shibin of much day, luo Shibin dies directly. In the 46th collect, to prove on the court Zhou Bingkun is a good person, zheng Juan opened his fig leaf, tell everybody Luo Shibin rapes the detail of his crime.

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In Zhou Bingkun heart, compare Zheng Juan without the person, more important, he also knows this thing beautifuls to Zheng, caused how old harm, speak bury when Zheng Juan so the deepest in her heart hard when the truth of open one’s mouth, zhou Bingkun is the most painful, but Zhou Bingkun also is Zheng Juan’s most serious person, she chooses to speak the truth before everybody, because she thinks Zhou Bingkun is light only,punish.

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Although Luo Shibin has died, but had not ended about his story. In the 47th collect, end eventually about everything Luo Shibin’s, his will is surprising. Jpg-qsy.jpg"> originally all belongings of Luo Shibin and his company is the close son Zhou Nan that should leave him, after all two people have kin, nan of even if week and Luo Shibin are so not close, but Luo Shibin such person, inevitable also won’t oneself all make use of sb at other. Do not cross Zhou Nan die, let Luo Shibin lose final support, because his will is Peng heart,unripe generation holds all share of under one’s name to hold the position of CEO.

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Luo Shibin until be in to death calculate, he has even if wife Ceng Shan, but Luo Shibin is very clear, ceng Shan and he is together, it is for his gold nevertheless just, accordingly he won’t join group of family name of a white horse with a black mane naturally to Ceng Shan’s hand, all commit to the flames that this as good as spells at hitting his.

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But Luo Shibin also can leave good brother water take its natural course his company, but very apparent, hitting is him distrust in the heart of this brother, it is same that he knows water do as one pleases and he is not kind of person, and can see from the dialog between Luo Shibin and water do as one pleases, water do as one pleases does not have so old ambition, be content with the current situation already well-content, if be met only in the hand in water do as one pleases,Luo Shibin is clear about group of family name of a white horse with a black mane naturally downhill.

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But water do as one pleases and Luo Shibin are different, he is all the time very the person that tells ties of friendship, because of this lawyer read out in Luo Shibin after Luo Shibin’s will, water do as one pleases still admonishs Peng Xinsheng, let him run good company for Luo Shibin, oneself can stare at him.

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Zhou Bingkun sentences 9 years of set term of imprisonments, and Zheng Juan also can accept such result only, can say Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan are kind-hearted all one’s life, in the end is such result however, it is sigh letting a person really.

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