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Original title: He Bing’s Liu cities wall, the Qianlong that Yellow Sea puts on the ice, of Cao Zheng with , play of record of explore of this ancient costume should come Shop of article \ amusement

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Why to put anti-corruption of 60 collect ancient costume on the ice to have an insatiable desire for conclusion drama instead ” the Liu Yong that Liu as complicated legal case is downhill east ” recently head hair prevue is beautiful, the main actor such as Zheng of embellish of crane of ice of He Bing, Bai Bing, Li Naiwen, Yellow Sea, king, Lu Hong, Cao Zheng, Liu Xiaofeng, Zhang Run, Wang Yu. ” the Shandong below the Liu Yong that Liu as complicated legal case ” told about Qianlong year province make one’s rounds strokes a Shandong pervert the law of Fu Guotai practise favouritism, the machine of tribute borrowing accept wantonly accumulate wealth by unfair means, cause ten place barn deficit of Shandong, liu Yong acts according to aim to investigate this case in person, hold the story that exemple of old clear law rids the people of the evil.

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Cao Zheng

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Li Naiwen is pleasant to the eye from prevue reach, the simple sense of this drama is very good. Take above all change excellent, especially dress fastidious, broke away from completely ” city of Hengdian movie and TV ” style. The acting of main actor is online, liu Yong inspiring awe by upholding justice of He Bing, the Qianlong that Yellow Sea puts on the ice is august but Wei, division division of Bai Bing is elegant, of Cao Zheng with demeanour elegant, fu Guotai a past master of machination and manoeuvre of Li Naiwen, everybody a few content is short seconds accurate however pass the information that gave a role, fascinating.

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Why is He Bing put on the ice to hero, actual strength is beyond question, ” official of punishment of big Song Di ” ” foolish column ” enough proves his position in middleaged actor. This, the role that He Bing challenges ” Liu Yong ” will be again classical model, the Liu Yong that presents a true to life for the audience 2. Be in of course the teleplay before this ” arched of Liu of prime minister in feudal China ” in, li Baotian ever modelled to taking the Liu Yong that comedy feels character, the audience has feeling greatly after laughing, snarl of be laughing and playing also performed acme.

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Be in with Cao Zheng ” the Liu Yong that Liu as complicated legal case is downhill east ” in personate the generation minion that is good at tactics and , this also is homebred it is first in drama ” with ” renown, fair-skinned in vain in the skin in the history with , facial features is more regular also, grow very much healthy atmosphere. Young when with comely Jun Yi, poised and graceful, have ” full continent the first handsome male ” good name, and of personate of the Wang Gang before this with figure however polarity, cao Zheng will be reductive ” with ” true appearance. In addition, the division division of the Qianlong emperor that Yellow Sea puts on the ice, Bai Bing has a hotspot very much.

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Bai Bing is current ” the Liu Yong that Liu as complicated legal case is downhill east ” had entered later period to make level, in be being advanced in full blast, believe to be in can meet with the audience on screen soon.

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