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Original title: Ren Jialun afterwards ” under bright and beautiful garment ” hind, act again advanced lie bottom, female advocate also be everybody old friend In change faster recreation is encircled, want to maintaining superhigh person energy of life and temperature all the time, must want to have work of takes so that move movie and TV, a lot of star have a masterpiece that belongs to his, small today making up those who want everybody introduction is Ren Jialun this actor.

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He goes out already for a long time, piece had performed work of a lot of movie and TV, cooperate with Jing Tian for instance ” Datangrong boasts ” , let him make the male mind among mental view of a lot of people, he goes out again recently acted ” under bright and beautiful garment ” drama of this ancient costume, what in drama he acts is a bright and beautiful garment is defended, the name is called Liu Yi.

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Resort wears what masterly acting harvested a lot of audiences to like, under bright and beautiful garment hind, he transmits good news again, guan Xuan a work of new movie and TV, the name of this drama is called ” do not say good-bye ” , although sound very resemble idol play, but what Ren Jialun acts is to be in all the time the part that the bottom should lie in poisonous ambitious, and the heroine that cooperates this with him, also be old friend of everybody.

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That is in namely ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” the Zhang Jun Ning that the rose acts among net drama, this two people cooperate, can saying is strong strong together, they are the actors that already Yan Zhi has acting again, and this drama subject matter is conspicuous, believe the actual strength with them also can give everybody explanation give a particularly outstanding movie and TV work.

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Nevertheless, what Zhang Jun Ning acts in this drama is a thousand pieces of gold of poisonous ambitious, the love story most propbably of two their people also is a cruel love, do you feel?

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