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Original title: Acting actual strength sends an actor: Li Youbin, Chen Daoming, Liu Dehua, who do you like most? Can on the net we often see a kind of such cases? Audience people total to the evaluation of some actor meeting is having too much idea, some are considered as the actor that acting actual strength sends, so I want to ask authority here, if respecting Li Youbin, Chen Daoming, Liu Dehua these 3 actors, do you think who what like most is? The actor that approbates in every audience heart probably is different, so I come fine fractionize analyse, are these 3 actors performing the actual strength in art circle after all how?

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We above all for say actual strength sends actor Li Youbin, in my impression, he compares profundity to impression of my a work, this work is met respecting ” bright sword ” , in this work, we saw Li Youbin shows a work of own actual strength truly adequately, the incisively and vividly that acting develops. Saw this work, let me have the feeling with a kind of insurgent warm blood, what the character makes is special have appeal, the audience that has seen this work has a kind of state of mind that upsurges enthusiasticly. Someone says Li Youbin, in this work, show the expression that come out to make fun of to be abounded particularly, the acting that proves him directly thereby is outstanding. Probably this work is too outstanding, borrow this to win more audience people like to go up his work.

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Mr. Chen Daoming also is an actor of special admire in my heart, in his a lot of work, the audience thinks he is the actor that did not show limbs language too much, we can pass the expression of his that self-confidence, still having is the eyes, can make us hep this part, this does not have any doubt. We can see he need not want many body language, but, what can show this part however is special in the act that uses few number reach the designated position, probably an eyes probably an expression, such actual strength sends an actor, is undeserved everybody respected? I think he is an actor of actual strength clique that has acting.

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Respecting Liu De Hua, from enter that daystart that is paid close attention to in recreational group, can say to harvesting achievement in what keep almost, hit from TV group go all out begin, by people praise for ” wireless 5 tigers will ” one of. Reentrance is hit to moviedom go all out, harvest many shadows emperor. And he still is entered hit to the musical circle go all out, so crackajack and fine actor also is few number in play circle. Liu Dehua is thought to act in a play by people act well, sing well, bearing is first-rate, also guide and support crosses many actor. Very substantial achievement also was harvested on the career, his mix conscientiously respect course of study to often be highlighted in the dispute in recreational group, won very high honor thereby, in the audience people the public praise in the heart is first-rate.

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Actually, every audience has the actor that likes in him heart, 3 acting actual strength sends above actor: Li Youbin, Chen Daoming, Liu Dehua, no matter you like which actor most, but can get admissive, can prove his actual strength more.

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