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Original title: Person ” 2 father ” , but ” parental love ” in count him the tireddest, pat play to take a son to be spoken ” parental love ” the success is be obvious to all, this drama serves as homebred drama in classical, nowadays have been widely known ” star drama ” , see it every time a lot of audiences are to cannot help looking a few times more, everybody is attracted deeply by the wonderful gut in drama, this is one does not rely on little fresh pork and dog blood gut the good theatrical work with respect to get victory, no matter be the part in this drama, still be the actor in drama, or the setting in drama, notting have is not classical

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Every see everybody can produce resonance, every part in drama imprints already deeply in the heart of the audience, everybody admires the actors in drama, they use what masterly acting won an audience successfully to love, the actor’s contribution is be obvious to all, but the director also is result cannot do not have, especially the executive director of the spot, more painstaking

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Wang Yongquan regards this as the executive director of department theatrical work, can say he is the most painstaking, direct old partner as Kong Sheng at the same time, these year also be to depend on in the play staff hammer into shape, exercised a suit ” competence ” , be in everyday a field want those who be in charge of an actor to attemper not only, film all sorts of changeover of setting, even perfectness all sorts of competence, professor actor does morning exercises, be in charge of be in even even a field fool the child, can saying is a director that idle does not stay in

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The Jiang Yafei of period of the teenager in drama ever disclosed, wang Yongquan person he ” 2 father ” , it is an all-round man, ballet, wushu, Gu Zheng, lute, violin, it is model training even all is perfectness, pardonable the figure that there can be him in every drama of noonday sunshine group almost

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And besides executive director, there is very pretty good acting in drama more, ” parental love ” in at a heat two parts of personate, especially Wang Zheng appoint this part, the Lilliputian that although be called,drama median is less than, but get an audience greatly to praise by right of excellent acting however

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More interesting is every time in the teleplay of noonday sunshine, he meets the son that taking his to take sport every time almost, ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ” happy eulogy ” ” great river great river ” ” parental love ” the figure that has their father and son, many people speak they are ” the full brother that hit a tiger, arms of father and son of go into battle ” , resemble be in ” parental love ” in, two parts of two people personate, it is the part that is not liked, father and son two pick part repeatedly be exactly the same

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Also someone speaks his son ” get in by the back door ” , although acting is carried not be out of order, but have such setting and capacity, more or less be still very helpful to him, look or ” backstage supporter is quite strong ” , pardonable also meeting has a netizen to spit groove

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