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Original title: The for use of an emperor that she ever was Gong Li is vicarious, act because of going out accidentally ” parental love ” , return than Gong Li nowadays red Well-known, there is a kind of actor to work hard exceedingly between recreational group, he is double, these actors are to live in seclusion all the time in the behind the curtain, can say the sign that is someone else, and a few Ga taller actor is to have a serve as a tool commonly vicarious, in a few camera lens that encounter oneself not to want to pat, these actors can send his double act, can saying is special feel sad. Say art does not have lowly cent, but actor and double have the branch of on any account however, after all, listen go up double wants than the actor a few lower. And be in actually the identity of double is to should compare an actor really a few lower, the actor that can look for double generally speaking they are the people that have a few famous energy of life, just meet so employ double.

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This formed the concern of a kind of boss and employee between actor and double directly, say so, no matter come from fame or identity,say, the actor is pressing double. To double, the is an actor forever face that everybody sees, know without the person who double is forever so. Even if you are behaved again well, acting is again good, everybody also can consider as an actor to act well, because this serves as a double, wanting to come forward is exceeding indeed not easy. But the double that also the success turns over, resembling is Li Yitong, the appearance condition of Li Yitong itself and other condition are actually pretty good still. But because she and Zhao Liying are too similar,be, so she just can serve as a double, support her silently in Zhao Liying’s backside all the time. But be pregnant in Zhao Liying later, li Yitong also does not have play naturally to be able to be patted, must want to search new outlet.

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Gold always can give off light, yu Zheng discovered this gold that is concealed in sand. Let her go out one after another those who performed 13 plays is female advocate, let Li Yitong finish eventually turn over faultlessly. The lot that must say Li Yitong is exceedingly good, the double that wants to turn over in recreational group actually is not little, but the double that can turn over truly is not much. Besides Li Yitong, still a double turned over successfully, she is Wang Lihan. Actually Wang Lihan is more special the double that lets a person admire, she is in before when the double that once was Gong Li, be in before the show share of a lot of tall difficulties is finished for the most part by Wang Lihan, and Wang Lihan is a very low-key person more at ordinary times, had not mentioned at all to such a few achievement so, she undertakes hype at all without benefit with such a few opportunities, put all energy on the acting that promotes his all the time instead, although oneself are done not have any fame also is to be without complaint, a kind of such spirit is very much the person admires quite.

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After passing, also be to have an opportunity eventually, wang Lihan was to become a true actor more, and still go out performed work of rife movie and TV, resembling is ” discriminate is passed ” etc, between work of such a few movie and TV, although she is a costar, but because acting is exceeding outstanding, also be the impression that left special profundity to everybody, because go out,she also is acted ” parental love ” a such work, successful conflagration rises. Very may much person is to had seen such work, between this work of her personate still is a costar, but the acting of amid is very touching however, even once heat of period of time wants than him Gong Li even tall, the actual strength that must say such a few achievement are him support must come.

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