Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Zhang Zifeng says to be able to enter yearning life the 6th season, yan Xu fine with Zhang Zifeng after amour disturbance Recently, zhang Zifeng is accepted first after amour disturbance interview. The reporter asks what Zhang Zifeng has to plan recently. Zhang Zifeng discloses will film new film, will continue to join act ” yearning life ” the 6th season. Zhang Zifeng wore gray to grow paragraph sweater that day tie-in pink short skirt, carrying famous brand bag, beautiful a slender beauty leg. The mood also ameliorated, before appear and getting the influence of network public opinion. Be worth what carry is, it is to be afraid that Zhang Zifeng is embarrassed probably, the reporter did not ask about the concern of two people, also may be agent has made call. Ask such thing, affirmative meeting is very awkward. Act to Zhang Zifeng ginseng ” yearning life ” the 6th season, a lot of people express not to expect. If filter lens was done not have, had better change a person.

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Because with Yan Xu fine amour, the take offing that Zhang Zifeng sufferred very much vermicelli made from bean starch pink is answered walk, express won’t again pink she. After amour disturbance, zhang Zifeng shows body airport, media asks directly, that day He Yanxu fine the person that come home is you. Assistant reaction of Zhang Zifeng is very sharp, helped her hold off immediately, and him Zhang Zifeng a whole journey is low head does not say. Do those who laugh is, zhang Zifeng is gathered up to go out by the netizen, with Yan Xu fine cummer is carapace of the mobile phone that be the same as a paragraph when, she now after the airport, give the hand housing before changed, be thought by the netizen, this is guilty expression. Actually amour be related already very clear, the little sister already passed 20 years old, talking about amour is not very regular job, why vermicelli made from bean starch must is hold tight worn be put?

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After was being asked feeling, it is not good that Zhang Zifeng’s condition is like, whole journey is by assistant cuddle in the bosom, the look that sees her has some of lose it seems that, tan Lian loved to be troubled by such, estimation also is the thing that Zhang Zifeng did not think of. The netizen still gathers up she and a Yan Xu fine detail of a lot of amour, still be guessed two people spend birthday together, with sweethearts head portrait, with paragraph hairpin, it is to be in completely lie between empty beautiful conjugal love. Zhang Zifeng and Yan Xu fine still be classfellow, had managed campus evening party together, zhang Zifeng once was accepted interview divulge, if talk about love, she is won’t open, the thing from this can see, zhang Zifeng did not respond to amour really, it is her private affairs after all, not was necessary completely to be shared with vermicelli made from bean starch.

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And after its happening, had had quite Zhang Zifeng of propaganda to the enemy at the front line of one part audience is exited ” yearning 6 ” , and run to director Zhang Hang hope to comment on an area to state the hope is newest one season is OK the permanent quota of people of eliminate Zhang Zifeng. Very bright, filter looking glass of Zhang Zifeng is broken already, passerby predestined relationship suffers an effect greatly, if a got-up affair expands further, be afraid true meeting affects her to return to ” yearning ” . Netizens have so big opinion to her, because,be she and Yan Xu fine the amour red between is heard. Netizens are right Yan Xu fine impression is not very good, she treats feeling not concentrated. Did not think of Zhang Zifeng is together with such person actually, did not make a response up to now, figure of Zhang Zifeng’s good little sister collapses, everybody also locates afresh Zhang Zifeng.

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