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Original title: The film ” chili ” calm archives, the encourage annals that Lv Liping acts the leading role is literary piece Recently, the film ” chili ” announce formally to decide archives, will be in ” 8 international of 3 · woman red-letter day ” show within courtyard line of the whole nation, the encourage annals that this is main actor of You Lvli duckweed is literary piece, act the leading role together still have Wang Naixun, He Xinyuan these two young actors. The placard deciding archives of this film and calm archives prevue already also were released.

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Film chili decides archives to be in ” chili ” in the placard that decide archives, the Lv Liping of notable performance artist with long parted long already screen, shallow laugh be filled with before be filled with the ground to sit up in door of a farmhouse, there is a red pointed any of several hot spice plants that just picked in the hand, the commoners of the Style of the Tujia nationality that goes up personally shows this rich district color and honest and clear simple sense fully. ” chili ” in the prevue that decide archives, the family staying behind of Lv Liping personate ” grandma ” close still all previous kissed to have farm work to work. Actor’s lines is very few, but raise one’s hand is cast sufficient it is completely ” play eye ” , to her grandbaby ” lie between era to kiss ” love appear vividly and go out.

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It is reported of film chili stage photo, ” chili ” the story told about Hubei Dashanzhong, two Liu think of younger brother of sister of a pair of teenagers staying behind far (Wang Naixun is acted the role of) with Liu Saifang (He Xinyuan is acted the role of) , in the grandma (Lv Liping is acted the role of) guard next lives that live quiet joy, article learn to hold actor concurrently, but the father and mother that cannot stop pair of distance to work’s thick longing. Little brother Sai Yuanxi hopes to buy a mobile phone through selling chili to make money to town. However, this process is full of mix zigzag adventure, sister younger brother two experienced street young ” curassow ” (Tian Yu is acted the role of) provoke, the deceit that experienced adult world and cover a region, harvested finally friendship and grow, realized oneself little dream. ” chili ” what the story pats is very good, the placard from inside film can see guileless portrait. Be worth what carry is, this film already was seleted smooth soil to make the same score soil international film festival to exhibit reflect unit, by the comment inside course of study be ” Chinese edition ” small shoe ” ” . Expect please ” 8 international of 3 · woman red-letter day ” of that atmospherics shadow show.

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