Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Best we: Commonner love is homebred the film, suit dull when watch! ” best we ” it is film of a homebred love, the evaluation of this film is lower, because be below standard set, this type film can not attract how many audience, make in what gut character goes up at the same time poorer also, grading is so low have a reason, as to good if looking, my individual feels more general, do not calculate going up is sodden piece, after all turnip green vegetables loves somewhat each, having partial place still is quite interesting, but the film that is close to two hours, the likelihood is held out largely depressed!

20220225040104 62185480485b6

It is film of a love after all, the no more than that can bring to the audience is the expression between setting picture and leading role, can can you experience the happiness of love? What don’t I say more, interested audience can understand! Probably a lot of people had not seen this movie! Gut is simpler, basically related the memory story of heroine and hero, because they are young,moment is the same as namely in the school desk, also knew many friends thereby, add the girls that serve as adolescence, generation feeling also is between them very should!

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As to the story from the back the story that after they experience 7 years, encounters namely, the hotspot is opposite for a lot of less, more laggard on affection set of the character, rhythm feeling is not very good, speed can choose when be being watched so!

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