Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: The small the Eight Diagrams of the star such as Li Yifeng, Liu Yifei, Guan Xiaotong 1. playwrite ” awake one year new ” preparing new Thespian, revolutionary theme is called ” battle Shanghai ” , stage of Shanghai broadcasting television, shanghai broadcast and TV station, go up Shi Jing, 0 shadows, xin Huayu highs, lukewarm salary gas Telade, chief inspector chief inspector is tall XI, predict to will be started in March. 2, wang Baojiang is in trustee, new film ” anise basket ” , two countries director and main actor, it is to be based on real event. 3, yaok / straw is ursine 2022 comfortable: Special war morning glory, bath fire, do not talk with the boss, suitable adoptive mother is close, big play, I hear you like me, come back, you are safe, elite acts, allied, allied, the flower of summer, I can cheer today, my assistant is sexagenarian, angle family, float map, battle thief, the thinking of one’s own wishful thinking, ride please, fantasy, two Beijing 15 days, lonely war. 4, new / 2022 reserve express lever: Yes, have an explosion, call me the director please, wind, on the west, celebrate the 2nd year, new plain daily, husband husband 2, with Feng Xing, conceal, the sun, this is a more and more people, the expenditure of month, 20 not promiscuous 2, small joy 2022, the hunter inserts a picture, courage, 40, love, jiang Yan is remembering, you also have today, zhang Gong.

20220225040116 6218548c8cc5d

Project of before Iqiyi president spoke of one year is behaved, will look how to spread A + level, become S form later: Husband, who is a murderer, all one’s life, the breakthrough puts the action on the ice, hidden corner. 5, code and Wang Xinxin today’s popular search is arranged by program series it seems that, two people have very long period of time. 6. “In have a place ” place ” ” long mountain range ” capture Liu Yimei, yes, it is being captured, I want to take her geography, although rumor of vermicelli made from bean starch is not. 7. Meng Meimei has restored with the sale of the group. 8. Guan Xiaodong has to be approbated newly. And she and Lu Han were not together yesterday, they are very busy, they can get card, they have so much person to await the government really. 9. “Of love Demosthenic ” at present with highest etc. 10, andy Liu announces a film today, this labor mode has full 15, release time is discharged directly 2030. Let me like to look, and handsome, old also is a type. 11, li Yifeng is very quiet really!

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! ! When the mirror must be 360 degrees when, he ever still patted those who cross this individual to film: Do you feel I can? Ask by electrician even: Electrical engineering do you feel I look pretty good? 12, does Li Jiaqi ask Wang Meng has northeast market? Wang Meng (news analyst is coming) : The market is too much! Our whole family is the head of 6 stars class! My kin is 5 your diamond, I was spent here tens of 10 thousand, you feel! ! Where is it, the home of all sisters! 13, teacher he: Do you feel Xu Zhisheng resembles Lu Shan? (here has a stem, before snow, video, lu Han and Xu annals are unripe, together) Ji Li installs: All. A SA: Have 5 officials. Ha, hahahaha, elder sister, two bloodguilty people. 14, setting: Lin Ye does not have a heart to challenge. Ask: Do you know? Lin Yi: Understanding understands, oh, do not know, I do not know. Ask: Are you sweet? Lin Yi: I cannot let you see it! Ask: Is this the action that the boy likes most? Why don’t you react? Lin Yi: I do not have a challenge! More or less be appreciably

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