Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Lin Baisheng of testimony of large of a surname high exposing to the sun proposes experience divulge woman person is very good very suitable 20220225040208 621854c008603KID Linbai rises 20220225040208 621854c06724cLarge of a surname high 20220225040208 621854c0c86c4Philharmonic society ” 5 firm affection “ On Feburary 24, according to stage intermediary report, philharmonic society ” 5 firm affection ” accept media to interview. In be asked about about KID Linbai rose a few days ago to cummer ” east young of area younger sister ” propose when successful relevant issue, attendant testimony is whole excitement of large of a surname high represents one of philharmonic society members of the process: “Very happy, blessing! Touch very much. ” in addition, he still divulged he rises cummer to Linbai ” east young of area younger sister ” impression. Speak of ” east young of area younger sister ” , large of a surname high divulges previous both sides has go camping together, he feels the other side: “First-rate, special match, very good get along. ” be in at that time propose the spot, he also says frankly him instantly is touched by atmosphere, a little red orbit. Should be asked about what he himself altogethers with Jiaofan when marriage plan, large of a surname high laughs say: “Arrange its nature. ” breathe out with cummer breathe out another philharmonic society member with old association old 9, express as much in the marriage that be asked about: “Good news can tell everybody. “Good news can tell everybody..

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