Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: ” sagacious benevolence queen ” new coronal of Shen Huishan diagnose injects two needles vaccine still is affected 20220225040219 621854cb4c813New coronal of Shen Huishan diagnose On Feburary 23, the broker company of Shen Huishan of Korea female actor announces, shen Huishan diagnose affects new coronal, keeping apart in ego now. New coronal vaccine had injected twice before broker company calls Shen Huishan this, this infection belongs to breakthrough infection, at present body state does not have Shen Huishan any unusual. It is reported, filming together with Shen Huishan new theatrical work ” brave citizen ” actor Li Junying also affected new coronal in not long ago pneumonic, at present this drama already stopped pat. 20220225040219 621854cba7548Shen Huishan

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