Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Hangzhou perfect manufactures ” Song Jiang is patristic ” all corners of the country of a the Republic of China is big are about to go up line Project name: Song Jiang is patristic project type: A short while of shadow of behavioral suspense all corners of the country is long: 90 minutes leave take date: In November 2021 portion project budget: 16 million

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Around Zhengzhou huge trade the familial brother that consider a family name contends for process of chairman of Henan chamber of commerce this in, a series of fight dispute that arise with local faction force and warlord force spread out, told about the justice that the emerge in large numbers below troubled times of the Republic of China gives child belief of ideal of ceaseless in process of struggle of as aggressive as warlord and Japan power sturdy revolution, be on the story of the journey that fight day.

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Story person: Gu Yanqiu, male, 26 years old or so, thing of humanness clear altitude is sober, be good at makings thing and maneuver, not to be pooh-poohed reveals the mood inside oneself to feel, lost serious person finally to consider elegant graceful. Gu Yanqiu is Yan Moqiu originally child, be taken to come home by Gu Yuen as a child, should do close son to bring up, light of the former times that be considered maintains him to be the stumbling block of eyesore, in power, set die an unnatural death of next decoy within an inch of. Body part country and nation on the edge of at that time in the very grave disaster of the brim of in peril, guyan autumn heart has from beginning to end save the nation save civilian ethical cardinal principles of righteousness, support subterranean party in the dark, to avenge Gu Yanqiu to be borne everywhere, step by step calculate, not hesitate even build on oneself little sister Gu Yating and use good brother Shen Mo, be in finally exercise control of Gu Jiacheng work, become chairman of chamber of commerce.

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