Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Wu Jing together Jiesen Sitansen goes out act ” gigantic tine shark 2 “

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Lv Hang of reporter of evening paper of wall of Wu Jing sheep yesterday, behavioral venture film ” gigantic tine shark ” continuation ” gigantic tine shark 2: Abyss ” announce Wu Jing goes out formally act, the behind the curtain that releases Wu Jing piece illuminate and Wu Jing and the group photo that direct Ben Weiteli. At present piece just have not divulge Wu Jing gives the specific role that perform, described as ” Wu Jing general hand in hand before make male advocate Jiesen Sitansen, shark of as gigantic as prehistoric strange animal tine one relatively relative superiority or inferiority ” . This also is Wu Jing and Jiesen Sitansen two movements piece of ace cooperate first. ” gigantic tine shark 2 ” already announced to leave in England at the beginning of this month pat, predict to was shown 2023. First main actor Jiesen Sitansen affirms regression, direct Ben Weiteli (” new butterfly dream ” ” skyscraper ” ” 26 kinds of dead laws ” ) hold guide, playwrite Joe Huobeier & Ailixi Huobeier. First ” gigantic tine shark ” by Joe Deteduba hold guide, ice of Jiesen Sitansen, Li Bing, thunder En Wilson, Lubi Lowes, Zhao Wen presents as leading role to act the leading role, the homonymic novel according to American writer Steve Ireton is adapted, told about accident of shark of gigantic tine of prehistoric gigantic animal to escape to reduce drop from deep-sea returning world is great, to dissolve this catastrophe, deep-sea dive expert Qiaonasi Taylor together Zhang Suyin of Chinese female scientist, spread out life-and-death with gigantic tine shark the story of one wrestle. Film was in Chinese inland, United States on August 10, 2018 synchronism is shown, was in China on August 9, 2020 outback cutback, chinese inland is box-office 1.053 billion yuan, north America is box-office 145 million dollar, accumulative total of global booking office 530 million dollar. Before this, si Tansen and megalithic Jansen act the leading role ” speed and passion: Special operation ” ever also invited Wu Jing to go out act, jansen discloses, wu Jing will ” act the role of a very fierce part, hobbes group can seek help to him ” . Because bilateral schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater conflicts,fail finally to embark on a journey.

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