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Original title: The film ” man credo ” medium clue and confused person concern ” man credo ” it is You Lintao hold guide, the film that the person such as heart of Ren Dahua, Zhang La, Chun Yushan Shan, Qiu Yinong, Shi Xiu, Zheng Luoqian acts the leading role, piece medium clue does not calculate a disorder, but character concern is a little troubled, let a person feel not clear mind.

20220225070032 62187e9027701

Film begins is a poison is peddled trade, both sides took out a mysterious watch, want to be together watch collect to just can obtain a few information. Nevertheless, gave change, just roughhouse for loot watch among them, beat dead another a lot of bodyguard. And during another woman is taking the advantage of fluster, wearing diving of a watch to run away. By circumvent overseas locks up Xiao Jianfeng of 25 years (Ren Dahua personate) when wanting to find son and wife, technology of recumbent fixed position found the hacker of his let slip before he, make the daughter that he looks for a hacker according to the directive to Malaysia round. Xiao Jianfeng arrived Malaysia, not only should look for a circle, and the cause that betrays oneself even intentionally, offer a reward looks for a circle, seek oneself son and wife at the same time. Get in touch with sinister gang, aboard he gets jealousy of sinister gang woman when, jump the boat runs away, still was hit one gun. In inn, he encountered a daughter, so he still does not know, so called son is not a son, however daughter. His feminine Chen Wenjun is taking daughter Zhen Li to leave to also did not go back again after Hong Kong, and Xiao Jianfeng not know the inside story. Chen Wenjun gets die in one’s bed, her daughter Zhen Li found father Xiao Jianfeng. Xiao Jianfeng should take false watch to see the head that peddle poison outstanding wheat, and when negotiating formerly, the daughter Zhen Li that the wife that taking watch take flight is Xiao Jianfeng. Xiao Jianfeng goes seeing outstanding wheat, outstanding wheat put a circle, circle letting a circle and father reunite. Sinister gang element assassinates Zhen Li to the hotel when, film used perspective of the first person to film, imitate gunfight kind game, show a handgun only, still have the hand that holding a pistol. Sufferred the first person to shoot the influence of game probably, film shooting angle appeared to cater to the perspective that shoots play, let a person can’t help smiling. Nevertheless, the sinister gang member that should kill Zhen Li together to inn does not have what name mostly, it is woman of that sinister gang also did not show real full name. Outstanding wheat is let off when Xiao Jianfeng does a police in those days, outstanding wheat won’t let off hacker and his daughter however, the cliff below their lane. Outstanding wheat should put Xiao Jianfeng to go, be equal to returned gift. Xiao Jianfeng encounters criminals the Zhen Li of send under escort, revolt together with Zhen Li immediately, pull out handgun, spread out gunfight. Xiao Jianfeng and Zhen Li hijack a criminal, escape in the house. Xiao Jianfeng hides on bookcase, spread out strike back, beat dead all criminal, including that capacity is the woman of sinister gang element.

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A criminal goes to their send under escort exchequer, wanted to take the watch that contains a password. Zhen Li defeats solution password to lock up in exchequer, and Xiao Jianfeng is taking a handgun to spread out in corridor and criminal right definitely. Film appeared again the perspective of game of fire of the first person, do very truthlessly. The do or die of sinister gang element that Xiao Jianfeng and Zhen Li want to be led to outstanding wheat and him, to battle large quantities of sinister gang element. The gun in Xiao Jianfeng, outstanding Maiye became medium gun. Zhen Li drives taking Xiao Jianfeng to break through iron gate, escaped, the car of element of several sinister gang followed from the back, should chase after kill them. Xiao Jianfeng produces power, shooting backstroke, beat dead the driver that pursue and attack, just, he bleeds overmuch, was in to death in the car. The plot of film is good, although do not affect the narration of whole story, but character concern is more troubled, make a person not clear even, what do those people call after all, have what kind of correlation again. Begin to trade when containing the watch of the password, the feminine status that reaves watch is unidentified, know to call Zhen Li only, just know the daughter that is Xiao Jianfeng later, and the identity that the woman in the criminal did not make clear again. Hacker and Xiao Jianfeng and the between relation of outstanding wheat also are not very clear, just explained temporarily, it seems that strength is insufficient. Still have Xiao Jianfeng previously be imprisoned problem, it is clear to also was not explained completely.

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In addition, the dub of film is not very harmonious, letting a person think is a common teleplay, is not the big motion picture of what confront the tough with toughness. Probably, ren Dahua is old, dozen did not move, also used a few the first person to shoot the perspective of game, still used the specially good effect of tussle, just occasionally actor movement does not follow to go up rhythm, let a person see false; Dig in person standing and relation respect not deep, a little confused even, let a person see abrupt place. If serious burnish play, manage clear character concerns, adjust film perspective, it is better to be met probably.

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