Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: ” dead serve 3 ” announce new dynamic Ruian Leinuoci: Everything presses a plan

20220225070047 62187e9fbe030

” dead serve 3 ” will be dead serve gives the highway that act together with King Kong wolf piece dispatch of 1905 films net suffers fully expect announced new trends a few days ago. Disclose according to main actor and playwrite, whole project is being advanced ahead, everything is being finished according to schedule and schedule. Ruian Leinuoci expresses to say: “We discussed all detail almost, but I still should say, this is an extraordinary item, I need bit by bit disclose film trends and progress. ” by this token, ” dead serve 3 ” story and play, knock already basically calm, still just not be a cerebral general at present its are fair at numerous inning. In addition, ruian Leinuoci also expresses, dead serve will mix more overflowing power the character is interactive, maintain those who limit class to classification as far as possible. Finish pair of 20 centuries as Dishini Foss of movie company buy, the gut of dead serve is moved toward, had become an unknown number. In the arrangement before, ” dead serve 3 ” will be dead serve gives the highway that act together with King Kong wolf piece. On the angle of caricature, dead serve is having the reason that indissoluble with King Kong wolf. Dead serve is an Anglophobia powerful role, debut at ” new varietal person ” . Its · of this renown Wei heart Wensidu Wilson, it is the special type arms of a Canada originally, contract incurable disease to cure a body oneself and join X weapon plan, although be in by infuse the cancer after the gene of King Kong wolf be able to heal, but also cause cerebral cell accordingly excessive growth, the person begins to become crackers. Add recovery capability and cancer cell to repel each other, bring about facial destroy a look, the body bestrews scar.

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