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Original title: Wang Yang: The ground faces easy grace to often go Wang Yang: The ground faces easy grace to often go Piao character ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” broadcast that year, wang Yanggang is good 40 years old. In drama, the share of show of Teng Zi chaste tree of his personate is not much, let more audience and coterie see Wang Yang’s actual strength however. Subsequently these a few years, his play is made an appointment with ceaseless, the friend inside some course of study praises his vision original, meeting picks show, wang Yang regards this however is a kind of benign loop: Arrive from before now, his standard that receive show never is changed. Besides really a little outside luck, the heart is the choice is fresh all the time first, can move oneself part. These year, although king is in relief received item is better, but still be costar mostly, and by person coronal with ” gold male costar ” title, he feels to be indifferent to, “In a play, every part has respective functional sex, at least others still feels I am ‘ gold ‘ material is qualitative, this is approbated one kind namely. ” after 40 years old, he also had an age worry more or less, but he learned to it the calm gets along, “Every age paragraph can have respective charm, have the path that cross and the view that see, so I feel should easy to the ground faces grace to often go. ” ” between the world ” pure and northeast person, say northeast word pulls hip teleplay a little however ” between the world ” broadcast this paragraph of time, wang Yang takes sport in new play staff all the time, everyday, as long as he can be early a knock off, regular meeting is defended before the television. “I am general need not flat seeks theatrical work, sit before the television truly, waiting for drama anthology to drive sowed perception is different, and (” between the world ” ) before this play is worth me to sit in the television, wait. ” Wang Yang is in drama Xiao Guang of Cai of children of personate senior officer, after the country restores the university entrance exam, he takes an examination of Beijing broadcast institute, be engaged in acting all the time after art industry, it is brilliant celebrated director. Although he is wide,get female reception, lifetime is loving however Yu Zhourong (Song Jia acts the role of) , a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of two people green plum, experienced life twist severally, final reach the same goal by different routes went one case. The little brother Zhou Bingkun of Chengdu of week of personate of favorable reply of thunder of another main actor in drama, home Zhou got in different period a lot of helps of Cai Xiaoguang. “Lei Zi (thunder favorable reply) , the student that Song Jia and I am graduate of Shanghai Thespian college, although differ, but action of teacher of a give a lecture goes in, so everybody has a kind of tacit agreement, this kind ‘ gene ‘ and ‘ hematic arteries and veins ‘ be cannot evasive. ” Wang Yang says. 2006, wang Yang and thunder favorable reply ever still had taken sport together, two people are a few more familiar, pat a play to come comfortable all the more also, what need not design painstakingly, it is straight fetch, also nobody drops chain, nobody can fear his play the other side is not received, “Particularly real sense, acting feeling is very intense also, this is a particularly happy thing. ” teleplay ” between the world ” story set is northeastern, ground of find a view is in Jilin, when the director also encourages actors to say actor’s lines as far as possible a little northeast flavour. Wang Yang also is northeast person actually, but he as a child south next attend school, what learn especially is a performance. When he still remembers going to school, everybody can pay attention to pronouncing standard particularly, he ever had obtained very good result in mandarin exam. So, wang Yang is in all the time the accent that corrects oneself, so that let him unlock now,say northeast word, search a little instead forbade. “I very envy Lei Zi () of thunder favorable reply, still have ‘ 6 lordling ‘ those a few condition, above all I am Harbin person, compare Liaoning word, oral speech soundvoice more slant mandarin a few, say plus so old not very, cannot find instead so the feeling of freely. ” because,Cai Xiaoguang is too perfect, bad instead to act mention ” between the world ” , wang Yang always can sigh with emotion of lot wonderful. The play staff prepares initial stage, wang Yang is informed this from inside friend mouth is a very good project, but he still is filming when those a work, and mix ” between the world ” the play staff also does not have any be mixed. Later, li Lu directed flounder to want connection way of Wang Yang, “When he contacts me, my happen to is off 3 days answer Beijing to visit a daughter, then we saw one side. ” after ten days, wang Yang joined teleplay ” between the world ” play staff. Alter to origianl work novel as a result of the play bigger, wang Yang chooses not to see origianl work, “I first read through play, search next again other the person that has seen a play, ask they feel Cai Xiaoguang is a what kind of person. I feel everybody may have a few different perspectives, judge and fathom this part so again. ” integrated after each honest opinion, wang Yang is used approximately perfect the Cai Xiaoguang in describe theatrical work — he is smooth like a bundle, very warm, very very sunshine, genuine, “The angle of thing of his look upon is very open-minded, see a lot of things so that connect appear, so that Home Zhou person has,beg at him when, he can carry various kind, solve as far as possible. ” but be a such part, look in Wang Yang model rise to just have difficulty. Because of the angle from character arrangement of ideas for, cai Xiaoguang appears simple bit. relatively the Zhou Bingkun of personate of Yu Leijia sound, kind-hearted, bear, at the same time also very ego, a little selfish even, cai Xiaoguang appears instead not so rich with massiness. Even if is such, wang Yang is clear, every part is having his mission and responsibility in a play. Since this play needs such Cai Xiaoguang image, he is about forward this direction, had handled the part, “I am conveyed sincerely, for instance my affection in the He Zhourong in play is a the most important part, especially later period, be about to convey Xiao Guang giving Cai only affection and expect, in different setting, problem of his look upon fully, opposite has deep love for enlarge alive. ” very may much audience feels Cai Xiaoguang is Zhou Rong ” spare wheel ” , dan Wangyang feels Cai Xiaoguang is right of Zhou Rong pay, include pair of Home Zhou homes paying is to do not have any requirements, do not seek get one’s own back. — life work — ” drag king ” in the life however ” do not put ” 2021, teleplay ” traitor ” broadcast, wang Yang is proud madly in the personate in drama the Chen Mo of part of villain in drama of unruly group, he also got a nickname accordingly — ” drag king ” . He feels quite interesting still, “I believe more audiences are not this byname that from negative point of view rises, this also is approbated my fictile this part. ” Dan Wangyang also hopes, everybody does not take the place of ground of such impressional first impressions are strongest to go up to actor body. He says, he is actually in the life a little ” do not put ” person, to nowadays, he not quite the central point that the habit makes everybody fix eyes upon, “I am very easy and bashful, when the person is much, regular meeting looks for a corner to hide. ” when also taking sport only probably, ability is put so that leave. ” traitor ” in, the La Xinjie of Wang Yang and Zhu Zhu personate has a paragraph of surge in all dance makes fun of, when broadcasting, appeared to brush the phenomenon of screen on gregarious media even, “With my disposition, won’t dance in the life completely, never also have been to ballroom or bar before, I fear the sort of noisier place. ” although do not dance, but he feels happy he is a body the person with harmonious very strong sex, “That play I was patted twice only, and also teach me to jump without who, the circumstance that gives me set at that time is very release, very be indifferent, so also the set that dance of it doesn’t matter plants, I am imagining those who jump according to oneself namely. ” originally, the play staff still arranged dance teacher to Wang Yang, but he feels that he cannot acquire marrow inside short time, and set out from the angle of the part, do not have set he is certainly dance ace. He discusses with the director, free play. “Even if his movement is very clumsy, very not harmonious, but the state system that after depressing him, should release comes out now enough, so those two my pole are released all, let oneself be enmeshed among them. ” stay sometimes white, just be best performance ” traitor ” hind, wang Yang is in again teleplay ” this life has you ” in, again personate ” villain in drama ” — Cheng Fangting. Cheng Fangting is a person that is good at making fun of a method, he can use the power in the hand, the sweetheart that uses oneself even gains the victory in trade war. A such people are set do not calculate originally demand happy role, in Wang Yang deduce, had a view another time however, “I feel Cheng Fangting is very attractive man, the person that likes him very have an eye for this age Duan Nan’s person should some simple sense and glamour, the person that has certain life experience is the unfavorable situation that can understand him. ” and patting ” this life has you ” when, the results that Wang Yang feels he is the biggest encountered Liu Junjie to direct namely. “He very know the life, very elegant, do not get angry, very affable to all staff members. ” those who make Wang Yang impression the deepest is, liu Junjie works to meet his to carrying 3 young monitor everyday, be in a field is mobile rise very convenient also, he does not like to increase too great burden to the staff member (note: General director can use large monitor) . Wang Yang feels, liu Junjie is using a kind of very gracious way to getting everybody to be performed with more elegant condition, rhythm of a lot of setting in drama is very slow, even a few stay white, he feels this is the director does it of purpose. “We are saying to do subtraction to the performance, I feel he (Liu Junjie) be affected to mine even if let me learn to use a kind very weak handle a performance with the means of the brim, act too clearly sometimes, can guide an audience to follow you to understand, and leave white performance to be able to give an audience more imaginary spaces. ” face age worry, do not hesitate not to baffle a few years this, although work luminosity exposing to the sun is tall, dan Wangyang is very clear, oneself part basically is being assumed in drama ” distribute food ” action, the show that can carry oneself makes a story more wonderful, even if had finished the job. Actor this industry, choice, resemble stake sometimes, a year of time is so much, no matter you are the actor of much big name, also can receive a few show only, wang Yang is avowed not be a particularly clever person, select a part every time, also be by the feeling, his standard is this part it is very vivid, have charm. “This is my biggest original intention, also be the premise that I accept drama. Apropos these a few years, these play broadcasted, and gained everybody’s attention, so a lot of people can feel me these a few years better and better. ” and self-confident, also be a when he thinks he can go to today main reason, “Do not admit these, appear a little hypocritical it seems that. You are only self-confident, perform the role that come out, with respect to can glazedder colour. ” nevertheless, ask about an actor to always be hanged in the age angst of mouth edge, the Wang Yang that has stridden 40 years old of doorsills says, did not feel anxiety before, “But have two this years suddenly so a bit, because want 45 years old,the likelihood is, can feel oneself begin to go to 50 went, white hair is more than before also. ” especially by 2020, wang Yang’s daughter is born, “Be brought up every day when her, I also am in age every day. ” but when facing worry, he can be made very quickly adjust, “Angst can have, but I do not hesitate, not bemused, every age paragraph have respective charm, have the path that cross and the view that see, so I feel should easy to the ground faces grace to often go. ” (reporter Zhang Kunyu) [editor: ? Kuang province?

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