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Original title: Recreation encircles all of those Yan Zhi acting to be in, but however all the time not red female star, which most regrettablly? Present recreation encircles li of good and evil people mixed up, also have a lot of show however very conspicuous. Recreation is encircled all the time since newer iteration rate is particularly rapid, total meeting has an another young actor, singer, god appears, always new figure displaces old person, always also can attract an another flow with new wave. The fire that encircles in recreation and not fire also is flashy thing only. Having how many person is once the top flows, but be in all the time however downhill, it is time of a few years only unmanned already make inquires, also how many person is in all the time ceaseless effort, can do a few not serious works in the behind the curtain only again however, again how many person gave so much effort, should not become protagonist as before however, can personate minor minor role, it is the utility man that does not have a few actor’s lines even.

20220225070207 62187eef76166

The actors inside recreational group have a kind of such actors in recreational group, they are most let a person feel regrettablly, they are not to do not have acting, also not be insufficient effort, they also have distinctive figure appearance, acting is very marvellous also, their itself also hopes to be able to a few exposure are spent, not be the person that sees weak fame. But as a result of,they are opportunity or it is other reason fire do not rise. Do not have too much person to be familiar with their name. 3 this when say next female star, also be to let an audience feel to the person lets inside recreational group very regrettablly actor.

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The first actress rice dew do you know Mi Lou? If do not have the name that has heard him, never mind, he gives the theatrical work that perform you had heard of certainly. For instance ” Wu Zetian legend ” ” why sheng xiao silent ” ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” . You do not have impression to him, because he is in those who act in these a few drama,the likelihood is it is costar, his acting all the time very good, in Wu Zetian legend, he and Fan Bingbing make fun of with Tai Biao complete be nothing difficult, his at that time personate tall in relief princess, although connect female 2 do not calculate on, but his expression as before very wonderful. His ancient costume the appearance of an actor also very Wen Wan air, whole is very good-looking, but after all he is not leading role, gut is to highlight for certain female advocate and write, when filming also with female advocate to basically highlight an object. Contrast in drama so, fan Bingbing’s the appearance of an actor more the eyeball that deprive a person, and a lot of audiences also are attracted by Fan Bingbing, put on the body of this costar without will too much look, whether the acting that won’t pay close attention to him naturally also is good.

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This drama is in later also be fallen to wear because of a few reasons, and after broadcasting in this teleplay, mi Lou also was not encircled in recreation lift what spray, he is joined again later acted ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” . In ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” in, he also has very good acting show, but ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” in the men and women of nothing is more… than of the most fascinating look advocate. Same, the ray of people by the men and women advocate the place of enemy of affection love hate between is attracted, did not put attention to the body of a costar. Still have at that time the green God teleplay of fashionable whole nation ” why sheng xiao silent ” . Rice is shown in Xiao Xiao of the personate in this drama, this part play in drama the portion is not much also, he is female advocate Zhao Mosheng former friend. But the contemporary the appearance of an actor that even if also can see rice is shown inside very short camera lens time is very clear pure, be being put in campus also is the character of school beautiful level, and his acting also lets a person feel very comfortable, have the feeling of green vigor. The person that a lot of is attract by Mi Lou also feels he has a few regrettablly, such acting and Yan Zhi however all the time not fire, it is a few less probably support of the people of climate favourable geographical position can not take one ministry daughter advocate play.

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What Huang Mengying of respecting of Huang Mengying of the 2nd actress still can compare Mi Lou is famous spend more a few, because advanced the expression of the Huang Mengying in 10 lis of peach blossom also lets the 3 unripe sansei of paragraph of time conflagration a lot of audiences remembered him. But after that, he also did not arouse what spray as before, huang Mengying also has 30 years old now, in recreational group, new personality always emerges in endlessly, and newer iteration is particularly fast, young also mean competition ability. Huang Mengying also is a very good actor, a lot of people are interrogative also, why he is entered travel is so long, do not have the expression of what bright look as before however. 2012 when, huang Mengying goes out formally, and the first work that he gives is ” midsummer late sunshine ” . This teleplay acts the leading role by Yang Mi and Liu Kai power, huang Mengying also is depending on this teleplay to go out formally, because go out,performed this teleplay to get acquainted with Yang Mi, huang Mengying enters fine travel medium successfully also. But the dissatisfaction that the outside also has a lot of to fine travel medium. Recreation is encircled in circulating a such title, recreation of their Jiang Jiaxing becomes beadhouse, the meaning is namely in fine travel medium Yang Mi and Dilireba are two absolutely big female advocate existence.

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What average company receives to compare good play is but they are given priority to twice, female advocate basically contracted by two their people. If be the teleplay that fine him travel makes, can still other members are joined act, this also is Huang Mengying all the time since be buried, can go out only act female the one big reason that match. Huang Mengying most the person’s hep part is ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” medium element bright and beautiful. This part gives element bright and beautiful a lot of people left very deep impression, because he is a female villain in drama,be a very abhorrent person. Because,be show this kind of abhorrent and abominable feeling, just let a lot of people remember him, but arrived from the back, more attention still are put in female advocate on the body. Huang Mengying also does not have the expression of too bright look to let an audience remember him after this play. Later, huang Mengying goes out together with Qi Wei again performed ” those who do not have a secret you ” , in this drama, huang Mengying’s the appearance of an actor and acting also unlike female advocate poor, but rise without fire as before. The 3rd actress is everybody’s hep small maternal aunt beautiful of Deng Jiajia Home Deng is not to do not have fire to pass, in those days ” love apartment ” also be fashionable whole world, accompanied the summer vacation time of a lot of people to carry out. And Deng Jiajia is in ” love apartment ” in the leisurely of Tang You of small maternal aunt of personate, also became a lot of people the first impression to her, it is exclusive impression even. Be in ” love apartment ” later, tang You leisurely also is joined performed a lot of films and teleplay, in ” the whole people is witnessed ” in the daughter forest bud of personate, with Tai Biao with Sun Gonglei play also does not let a person feel to have the awkwardness of a bit, and his transition is very beautiful also. But he was not received as before female advocate play, be in ” big bright elegance and talent ” in he also is female the part that distribute. Although with female advocate acting is about the same, but did not receive as before female advocate play.

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In writtening guarantee character is encircled in recreation, the actor has a lot of, and the person that having a lot of is not professional actor one’s previous experience also can act in a play, this makes actor the competition of this industry is more and more intense. And want to boil with the actor’s identity odd, want to become protagonist, want by masses place hep more difficult. There is not reconciled to in recreational group when costar, essence of ceaseless all the time effort is entered, become the actor that opens a season finally. Also have a kind of actor, they are not reluctant to leave the manner dog horse at casino, reputation interest actor is told to them is a common profession only, do not have money come out to act in a play, earn money to return to low-key daily life. The part that if performed oneself,likes only, no matter whether be leading role,be indifferent to. And in this both between, the most painful nothing is more… than wants luminosity exposing to the sun, acting colour is worth very good, however all the time the actor that fire does not rise. Is you still feel what to actor there is very regrettablly?

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