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Original title: Be acquainted with Jun Chu: Actor cruel makes an appointment broken 720 thousand, drama just is in redo specially good effect, will broadcast in March unlikely Dilireba and the drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that Ren Jialun acts the leading role ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” , it is a work that a lot of people are expecting. This drama by the director Zhu Ruibin of sweet honey hold guide, had obtained issue license, waiting for the specific date that decide archives. Think originally can receive archives lens twin city, but according to at present drama reacts just, estimation is unlikely.

20220225070229 62187f05ea07c

Broadcast with what be acquainted at the beginning of gentleman platform is actor cruel, the number that makes an appointment at present has exceeded 720 thousand, person energy of life is tall really. The person energy of life of two main actors is placed over, it is to suffer numerous theatrical work of more extensive celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct,

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About the specific date that this drama broadcasts, at present the government returns uncertain archives. Hear go redo specially good effect, because be opposite,the specially good effect of one edition is not very satisfactory. If want to receive archives lens twin city, also should begin warm-up to publicize. Dan Guanbo still does not have activity now, how to look also unlike is the model that should receive grade.

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Dilireba of personate is Ji Yunhe of drive clever division, it is a typical beautiful strong miserable role. Actually true identity is bewitching of 9 end fox, but had acted with her phoenix 9, it is two kinds of styles completely. For free endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task, be in and with long meaning get along he was fallen in love with in the process. Gain freedom to let beloved person, aux would rather let the other side misunderstand his.

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Male advocate it is long meaning of shark person prince, by Ren Jialun personate. The appearance of his itself is temperamental, add decrease heavy so much, person performing shark is more convincing. The later period before this part, disposition has bigger contrast. When wearing Bai Yi, the eyes is pure muddled more. Changed black clothes later, become quite Leng Ao is overbearing.

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This drama early days is female strong male weak set, later period conversely, like the friend of this kind of type, do not want to miss absolutely. Although love is looked at many, but Zhu Ruibin directs assume personal command, should not take the amative theatrical work of sodden common. When everybody is seeing cruel love, also hope drama of present celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, can give structure open.

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Official stage photo and road are appeared in, the colour value modelling of two main actors perfectly. It is to be without no longer differentiate spent white wind, hot cling to the clothes that has a lot of beautiful beauty.

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Especially this covers green, perfect foiled her Qing Li is moving. When Ren Jialun early days is pure, it is the Bai Yi that wore this atmosphere to feel very pretty good.

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If be redo specially good effect, so also want the most quickly 45 months. When a drama should be sowed, drama just can begin publicize warm-up. Resembling is thematic song, character titbits, calm archives is premonitory, complete metropolis is put. So so called now receive grade, look at not quite rely on chart. Of course if receive archives lens twin city really, that also is a very good thing.

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