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Original title: Edition of true person of teenager song travel: Gas of celestial being of couple of sword celestial being waves, youth group temperament shows inadequacy a bit, want hard Distance ” teenager song goes ” true person edition kills blueness to had had period of time, and as this drama kill blueness, a few stage photo and video also appeared on the net, pass these stage photo and video, people also had a simple understanding to this drama, most at least is in to lead group the appearance of an actor in this drama, still was familiar with very.

20220225070251 62187f1b04d21

But alleged do not have harm without contrast, let us have a look next ” teenager song goes ” true person edition and move free edition what to differ.

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It is a character above all, the first: Bleak those who move free edition is bleak it is languid lazy in contain expensive gas, contain in expensive gas clever, double on-line of colour value brains male advocate, return sometimes very the abdomen is black, set of such a character, letting a person look to feel is interesting very, also can meet normally increase difficulty of true person deductive, after all this is not acting online the result that can achieve, need certain temperamental addition however.

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And of true person edition bleak and apparent fail to achieve this, most at least falls in static condition, fail to achieve, plus the appearance that unlined upper garment of green body length is only on dress, compared with what move free edition bleak those who wear is costly for bright and beautiful garment, much rarer dot is cheap feeling, so even if can a variety of beauty with bleak show, but in temperament this still differred dot meaning together.

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The 2nd: Serve as involuntarily the injury wants susceptive good brother one case, inadvertently person energy of life is in ” teenager song goes ” in moving free edition, was to exceed even bleak, do not say other come on the stage mediumly in the first season then with respect to him means, let what many people will say involuntarily be person or event associated with evil or misfortune, and all sorts of operations of later period are to let obtain involuntarily more ” you this not honest bonze ” good name. Of course this just also speaks one sentence of netizens, because move,overflow in be too interesting really involuntarily, it is a small argute sinister plot simply.

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Can arrive true person edition here, be able to pass still calculates on modelling, but actor the expression of a pair of suffer bitterly and nurse deep hatred, again beautiful face also was done not have inadvertently the sort of clever, return even a little lovely show uncle flavour, a beetle-browed movement, the instant lets jump to senile group from youth group involuntarily, when appearing when two version in eye shot together involuntarily especially, this kind old 10 come year old the sense is more clear.

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The 3rd: Department is empty 1000 fall the department that moves free edition is empty 1000 falling is a love move, love the strength that be troubled by, resemble little girl of an adjacent home it seems that, one lever spear plays rise very handsome, in protect a husband on this thing, she is continuously bully gas comes on stage more, accordingly, left not little deep impression to people, can arrive true person edition here, dress is to catch up with, but always feel little to the girl mixes an adjacent wife and children the sort of bully gas when protecting a husband, but compared with two above, also was loath pass a barrier.

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The 4th: Female pistil of day of day female pistil serves as ” teenager song goes ” the figure in takes on, every time comes on the stage let a person be profuse in praise to her good figure, and she also is to Tang Lian’s love be looked to be in the eye by everybody, feel this two people are suit very, can arrive in true person edition, qing Chen feels Tian Nvrui has some of put on weight however. Though the actor’s figure has been been pretty good, but the Jing that wants show Tian Nvrui is colourful, still be some difficulty really.

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So in ” does teenager song go ” can be those who get skill take among numerous part? Not be of course, because want to say two this next, there is very tall person energy of life in moving free edition not only, connecting true person edition also is pretty good, who are that this two people after all? The Xue Yuejian that nature is group of vest in old age Zhao Yuzhen of winter clothing of celestial being plum and path sword celestial being. They are ” teenager song goes ” the meaning in is made the same score hard, also be the character that everybody hopes to move free edition to be able to change outcome most. Although come on the stage not much, can leave deep impression always however to the person.

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And the Li Han garment in true person edition and Zhao Yuzhen, no matter be young when, the look that still taking moustache later is mixed move overflow without the difference, plus two people the deep feeling when performing adversary to make fun of is opposite look, with celestial being gas waves waving attitude, always feeling is current till the role that prize gives most in this drama. Accordingly, also netizen laugh says this drama is returned so that see senile group, as to youth group here, in temperament this still needs to be added hard more together. So what kind of view do you have to this?

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