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Original title: ” still feed ” want to duplicate ” Yan Xi strategy ” successful? A bit difficult, condition of Wu Jin character not beautiful By Xu Kai of Wu Jin make peace, ancient costume drama of the main actor ” still feed ” sow. With Yu Zheng, traditional Gong Dou and Gong Dou are compared, this Yu Zheng related the love story between the great-grandson of beautiful chef and emperor with alimental appeal. Let Xu Kai of Wu Jin make peace renew leading edge round Cp, so this audience meeting show respect for? ” still feed ” whether duplicate ” Yan Xi strategy ” successful, become Yu Zheng? another explode greatly paragraph

20220225070317 62187f3545f31

1. does not change medicine to change soup filter. From ” Yan Xi strategy ” ” Mo Landi lubricious conflagration ” begin, the filter with this kind of contracted gray is lubricious implement have in a few work after Yu Zhengzhi use for instance ” Yu Louchun ” main actor white deer, ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” main actor Jiang Qin is diligent Yang Rong has this kind of match colors.

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Besides match colors, the shortcut in drama also is such. Abandoned after beloved A treasure colour, yuzheng begins to be in ” Mo Landi is lubricious ” go up to step down forever. ” the strategy that delay happiness ” after broadcasting, the audience can have strange feeling to this filter lens, can feel match colors is advanced even.

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But a few drama are a same way, hard to avoid can let a person feel tired, even what plant capacity produces is inspect already feeling.

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Every drama looks same, filter lens and makeup look is about the same. Common saying says, the person that assimilate to of woman of the first one or two spends is a talent, the 2nd is mediocre person, the 3rd is fool. Same recipe repeats when using, OK and energy-saving, but not certain flattery.

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In addition, makeup look of the actor also very ” weak ” , the character is lost differentiate degree. For instance ” Qing Pingle ” and ” the general is going up ” the Wang Chu in drama has long like that very tall differentiate degree, her appearance also is accepted elegant belle. However, ” still feed ” year, the type of colour value bluff of king Chu Ran drops, not only ulterly changed, and aged a lot of.

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Wu Jin character comes on the stage mediumly in drama make she looks particularly gaunt, and she not only aged and energetic.

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Yu Zheng wants to duplicate ” the strategy that delay happiness ” successful, want ” still feed ” the motion picture that make it has traditional culture will promote whole simple sense, want to attract an audience with cate, but never think, ” Yu Louchun ” and ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” taking this route namely? And broadcast whether is the result expected like him?

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2. gut is not quite absorbing. From ” still feed ” in light of the gut that broadcasts at present, a road of before a few collect very form is changed. Of personate of Wu Jin character female advocate choose palace to escape marriage, produce be mixed with the part of personate of king Chu Ran, He Ruixian next, the knot issues friendship. Because he is strong and by male advocate punish and save, began subsequently with male advocate ” Plato ” mental communication. Can saying is a Lu Manman.

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3 parts looked once upon a time, ” still feed ” narrative rhythm is not lively, give a person the sense that relationship of extremely slow, figure saw a kind of plan confusedly again even. For instance Wang Chu performs lady-in-waiting like that, wang Yan performs mother and daughter, but before two collect do not have any foreshadowing, do not have an affair with even the eyes even. Ndbaijia_a9867e9f31579897a5e94e2c5515bd74.jpg-qsy.jpg"> blocks Wang Yan’s outlet suddenly like that when Wang Chu, this thinking that she wants to report Yao Zijin (Wu Jin character is acted the role of) circumstance, do not think peak loop turns however, gut tells two people suddenly is relation of mother and daughter appears abrupt all the more.

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Also did not explain Chu Ran of king of Wu Jin character and He Ruixian in the gut of early days additionally the relation between 3 people, camera lens always gives 3 people, go without overmuch writing again depict, bring about faintness of impression of early days character, not quite stereo, disposition person of the character is set how very ambiguous also.

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Conversely, father of the king in drama is hated cannot negative character 2 words are kept on the face, audience of for fear that does not know his thinking is serious, appear playwrite is not quite brillant.

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The bright and beautiful garment of Wang Yizhe personate is defended what on one second is returned and make triumphant personate is male advocate ” eyes communication ” , below one second is in see first female advocate when bringing the smile with mad Juan of an evil evil spirit. From the point of detail, he is female likely very advocate escape the object of marriage, but Wang Yizhe behaves unlike mediumly in drama is the fiancee that sees his, resembling instead is to be in brew a plot, below one second is about female advocate park deathtrap.

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Yu Zheng wants to promote China cate, do one’s best is taken change delicate and beautiful itself to do not have a fault, be in as him ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in let velvet flowers gain wide attention. ” still feed ” in have inviting cate, also have elegant fine bright make Chinese take, but these are not the most important.

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Because of a teleplay, if do not have compact and good-looking gut, so again elegant and luxuriant appearance, again good catchword was not used. After all what the audience should look finally is absorbing gut, cate can see cate program, dress also can see newsreel, look free exhibit. Conversely, if story of a drama is told well, so other detail can be whole department theatrical work in drama add Guang Tiancai. All elements assembled in a drama, did not tell the story good alone only however, have again why be used?

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