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Original title: The choose that what decided them be after all occasionally the tendency? Before two days, actor of dark green well belongs to a company through place formal Guan Xuan the good news ~ that be pregnant

20220225070345 62187f5109be7

This is right ” belle + beast ” true CP, from announce marriage dispatch to begin, vermicelli made from bean starch people of full head ” why ” do not have disappear to had stopped. As do the Shan Liliang that laughs at actor too not only appearance appearance inferiors slightly, age is older than actor sauce also nearly 10 years old, two people arrive from acquaintance show the process of marriage two short nevertheless even month.

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Spot of announce of marriage dispatch official laughs at laugh actor sauce and be in the Japan of not long ago put together art ” scheming having a place how ” in New Year special number of a eriodical, go up a colour still explode makings Shan Liliang too before marriage ever sent birthday CD 10 years expressive love to oneself continuously.

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The expression of father’s younger brother, shake with those present, the face about after what go after 10 years after all is long married actor sauce however, eliminate Shan Liliang very hard have before marriage too ” wide net ” suspicion.

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But anyway, show the is pregnant smoothly again actor sauce after marriage, still be enjoyed quite to matrimony it seems that and satisfactory.

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Actor or actress besides Cang Jing, japan still has a lot of to be opposite ” belle + ugly male ” CP, the marriage dispatch that just announced He Xingye source last year for instance lets countless curtilage the clothes of Xin Yuan bear of male heartbreak;

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The husband crosses a ministry to build be exposed to the sun off the rails the Zun Zunmu that about a hundred person also decides to excuse hopes (even before two days because off the rails incident is temporary shutdown a year cross a ministry to build when announcing to reappear, zun Zunmu hopes to still express to want to be guarded with all one’s strength from 0 begun husbands) ; Great beauty regains consciousness to me a bit! Still have board wild friend is beautiful;

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Ku north hopes really…

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A lot of ” ugly male ” square money natural resources and industry position are inferior to the woman far even. Include gregarious network and real life in, “Belle + ugly male ” collocation also wants far over ” beautiful male + ugly female ” combination. So belles why so take things too hard? The choose that what decided them be after all occasionally the tendency? 01

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Fine-looking rare be short of a gender, those who decided it is all-purpose comfortable deserve to spend match angle to look from resource, when the imparity of some kind of resource between both sides, other natural resources can undertake assorted to make up for accordingly, in order to reach some kind of equilibrium between bisexual relation.

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To fine-looking resource, even if will be put in all sorts of methods to be able to promote appearance image the day after tomorrow, but fine-looking still put in all sorts of tall limitation doorsills. For instance can detail of fine tuning facial features but assure to be spent naturally hard, can cut bone to change facial outline but change coronal form hard, still have a humeral comparing, head in addition long scale of body comparing, leg all sorts of what will adjust the day after tomorrow hard is objective measure a level (cannot help plainting, beauty goes up to the sky namely simply bestow ah) .

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Man-made beauty always has fine-looking last period can say, natural charming fine-looking in instantly without doubt still is a kind rare lack resource. The hand is grasped rare the person that lacks resource, corresponding ground has more to choose particular trade why to be planted the influence of other natural resources. The most intuitionistic is of all kinds and fortune, position, human resource;

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Young charm of the talent that the Meilaniya when and Telangpu perhaps let a person adore, character;

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Li Xiaoli ” the elder brother does not eat terrestrial cooked food really, and I am only rich however “

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Have the honor to win what film festival of the 72nd Berlin evaluated round large award 2022 ” the film of fictionist ” , it is Hong Shangxiu as before + the considerate nature that Jin Minxi partner perhaps can offer tall mood value and safe sense again.

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And fine-looking resource is defective ” ugly male ” people, the specialty that opposite meeting is willing to use the field such as disposition, financial capacity or talent more will remedy Yan Zhi flaw, for instance more be good at including understanding.

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Effect of a kind of immediate cause still exists in social psychology, point to in have two or the exciter with two above different meaning is ordinal occurrence circumstance, the payoff that impression forms is later new appearing exciter. Be similar to the gimmick that Shi Yuyang of character of the expression in novel film ors first, although ugly male the first impression that gives a person not beautiful, but nod as the glitter that other side discovers gradually in getting along, psychological feedback of the female is more and more upgrade goes, and the female is depended on to affective degree also often taller. The with the passing of time below feeling of this kind of contrast lays condition, also be very much ugly male the reason that can adopt so that beauty returns.

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” Gao Ling’s flower ” , bicycle merchant and house size elder sister but those who need an attention is, master rare lack fine-looking person, do not be in in real phase certainly in the bisexual relation when be on on. Because fine-looking rare be short of still reflect the time limit sex in it to go up, put in a root ‘s charge and character, it is one kind devalues ceaselessly elapse article. Fine-looking should not become a belle to depend on exclusively resource, because of the condition with can comparative him park hazardous in that way. Love hate is like Li Xiaoli clearly, she has only not only fine-looking, still the career is in puissant prop up, her love is OK and so infinite cheesy, want to go, want to stay.

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Is old beautiful woman also met self-abased? The aesthetic and cognitive type that choose of belle of aesthetic and cognitive influence chooses the female sex that belle choose reflects rear occasionally occasionally can be divided for ” beautiful and do not know oneself model ” and ” beautiful and too know oneself model ” . 1. Beautiful and do not know oneself model a few hitting the grown congenital belle in controlling an environment, fine-looking to oneself without sober understanding, won’t value overly fine-looking this resource, also the won’t biggest turn play fine-looking value.

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” mysterious giant star ” , below male authority society of the extreme, the female’s arousal often is symbolizing even if a tragedy knows oneself fine-looking hind, hit the self-abased psychology that press and traditional education idea for a long time to also can let them arise ” appearance of appearance of the other side how not important ” idea.

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” princess diary ” , ugly small duckling is whiten swan, the encouragement that cannot leave surroundings no less, because a few acquired belles are long self-abased, also can arise from beginning to end ” I do not deserve ” idea. These belonging to shrink back actively type.

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” ugly female turn over greatly ” , rectify peerless song female singer, also cannot cicatrization inner pain 2. Know beautiful and overly oneself model know beautiful and overly oneself, the meeting is oriented condition of two kinds of choose idol: Special passivity and very active. In congenital belle, if live below a growing environment that values education, the life is lapped by kindness and love, and get the environment is proper the guiding of value sense, what enough regains consciousness to be protected oneself discern ability, so also meet basically all one’s life go well is perfect.

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But in if live in daily,emphasizing fine-looking manipulative value environment ceaselessly, in undesirable atmosphere nurturance depend on is bestowed favor on and the disposition of arrogant, so this kind beautiful and too the aesthetic acknowledge that knows oneself also can affect them directly choose idol idea. The person was used to one part to enjoy fine-looking advantage, in bisexual relation, also meet because of God package passivity awaits the other side to send those who come is affable. Another part can make full use of fine-looking feature hits out actively, exchange corresponding other natural resources.

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Still have a few acquired beauties, harm ever had sufferred because of appearance in growing process, after experiencing painful and lengthy decay process, the meeting because before self-abased and generation is owing compensate psychology. Must use come not easy fine-looking exchange something, can feel to have a rough time for nothing otherwise one.

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Why ” belle + ugly male ” far over ” beautiful male + ugly female ” ? 1. On the amount, belle over beauty male from the point of exterior whole, social evaluation system is opposite generally female appearance is more slashing, more good-tempered to male appearance, the female is in the blame dominant position that depend on in the more in bisexual relation. “A perfect match between a man and a girl ” the blessing continues since ancient times up to now, ever never had become ” appearance of female ability man ” , the society gifts the appearance chains on female body wants many heavy.

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From the point of individual interior, compare with male photograph, the female is more sensitive to beautiful acknowledge, pursuit also more effort is diligent. A when appear under double drive so basic phenomenon is: On fine-looking final hold authority, male of female far outclass.

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On the ave one sweep the past, belle beauty gets 1000 appearance 100 condition, each have each taste. Where is schoolboy? Can accomplish basic dry defecate bright, had ground press most same sex.


Some platform about ” the schoolboy is not aware of but the point that schoolgirl understanding moves ” below the topic, the to the schoolboy requirement of a video of the 200w+ that nod assist is merely ” clean ” 2. Mentally, the male is more self-confident, female more self-communion is acquired social environment also can produce distinct effect to psychology of male and female. Self-confidence is fundamentality case batholith of the male, and the female often is placed to be in below social compasses example the effeminate one party that is chosen to be criticized severely, more be good at self-communion and rather than hitting out actively.


“Ugly female + beautiful male ” configuration is classical be like ” brief love ” , the story is emphasizing the glamour of character and morals of the female defend ego with an appearance not quite beautiful respect again.


We are very scarce tell ” ugly male ” be how the story of defend ego, because whole society ases if,acquiescent male has ego volition and individual honor inherently namely, and the female wants to have this kind of quality, need to experience a series of behavior of make a stand against and rough destiny.


On 3. behavior motive, “Beautiful male + ugly female ” complex at ” belle + ugly male ” if say belle love is ugly male, of love is pure money status or character charm, na Meinan matchs ugly female, the intention is far-reaching much. Feudal society, the story of ugly female He Meinan uses advocate and the virtue that stress a woman commonly, for instance ” lift case Qi Mei ” literary quotation, the wife the first month of hero bridge grand is smooth, be judged to be ancient time 4 big ugly female one of but have Fu mind extremely.


In addition, beautiful male people be willing rarely stay in ” eat soft meal ” level, they can be used ” ugly female ” the career that all sorts of resource that can provide will come to develop oneself. And in day theatrical work ” ugly female battle ” in, why do two hero contend for her? Because suffer from,one is love ugly addiction, another reason is to marry wife to want practical.



Say finally fine-looking, it already precious dangerous, the likelihood is the tool that implementation estate spans, also may be paralytic with the bane that uses up ego. For nothing this is planted rare lack resource and do not have the method that uses it and capacity, not be a favour certainly.


What the masses lover that stays in 36 years old forever makes father’s younger brother gratified is, the female is in to the acknowledge of ego and society soberer and soberer, the more of internal driving force that goes after the United States originates outside of ego and rather than. But we want to realize, we should go after the United States not only, master active option firmly in him hand even. Why own alternative is planted idiosyncratic attraction freedom, also have need not use fine-looking go the bottom of displacement resource is angry.


Finally, see through this large PUA while, also expect male colour is worth involute times to come at an early date.


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