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Original title: Hearsay new edition ” green Guang Senlin ” will pat! Shen Yue challenges Su Fei, and will be he replaced establish Williams? Speak of ” green Guang Senlin ” this teleplay, a lot of 80, 90 hind should not unfamiliar. This work is held in both hands not only red establish the one numerous main actor such as Williams, Liu Pinyan and Ruan Jingtian, once leave,be more sow obtained with throne of first of viewing rate of period of time, refresh at that time close inspect a record, be thorough popular feeling absolutely is classical.

20220225070433 62187f81b5d87

The likelihood looks now, the gut of this drama has a place too Malisu, the prince of elegant nobility, what ancient clever essence blames is foolish princess, faithful and brave knight and of one mind want to be married princely evil-minded female 2. But at that time the romance that is countless little male girls however is recollected, satisfied a lot of audiences yearning to the happiness of love. Connect thematic song ” brave happiness ” it is perfect in conveying drama ” want to believe only, the green light that can see happiness ” theme, to nowadays still many audiences are in ceaseless aftertaste.

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Namely because too classical, the destiny that does not escape naturally to be broken up to pat. Recently, the message comes out new edition ” green Guang Senlin ” want to pat. This message, but the instant is ticked off,had everybody’s memory. The teleplay that because break up in last few years,pats is increasing, but successful finally is very few however. Accordingly, everybody is opposite this break up pat express in succession ” do not destroy again classical! ” . Although the audience is boycotted in succession,do not pass, do not block everybody to be opposite as before the curiosity of leading role person selected. After all, the Liu Pinyan He Liwei cheap before is already enough and classical, do not know this to by who you can instigate crossbeam?

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Guess according to the netizen, heroine Su Fei will be dawned by new advance floret Shen Yue goes out act. Since in ” send our pure small happiness ” in the Chen Xiaoxi of personate after one horn, shen Yue encircles pink not only countless, the countryman is spent is to be climbed all the way more rise, became hot when red floret. ” green Guang Senlin ” medium heroine Su Fei, pure and innocent kind-hearted, although be born in artistic old and well-known family, but because individual character is candid,often do oneself greyly however head earth face, resemble a Cinderella.

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And ability is 17 the Liu Pinyan at that time years old, there still is fertilizer of a bit baby on the face, special accord with female advocate the disposition characteristic at that time, more those who relied on this part to open his successfully is famous degree. Must say, this foolish lovely part still is to mix really Chen Xiaoxi is very similar, if let her come personate, believing also is instinctive quality goes out certainly acted. After all Shenyang month itself is taking a kind foolish Bai Tian’s temperament.

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But in fact, shen Yue since the center that the topic is all the time since going out, although often go out,perform God theatrical work, held the position of ” meteoric garden ” female, ” in July with still ” drama edition heroine, be spat by the netizen again and again however groove ” feel without CP with who ” , appreciably exaggerated acting also is to suffer bad-mouth.

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Actually the mainest reason, on the figure that still depends on her. Review recreation to encircle medium female star, which not be skin white appearance beauty grows a leg greatly, and Shen Yue ” ground connection is enraged ” little pure and fresh style really some are violated and. And go up in red carpet every time, small Shenyang menstruation regular meeting is killed by second of other female star, lack congenital advantage really.

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Although suffer controversy,do not pass, the floret that Shen Yue’s resource is the corresponding period however hard of compare, she nowadays can say is to sit firmly ” idol play female advocate ” the first an ancient folding chair. Because be spat by the netizen,also be probably groove is too much, present Shen Yue is apparent already a lot of thinner. Accordingly, let her present go out perform Su Fei a such classical parts also are a brand-new challenge to her. Was worth to expect very much! And hero Williams is likely by when red discharge small give birth to Chen Li farming to go out act. Chen Li farming since ” God trainee ” after going out, by right of oneself the appearance of lovely sunshine encircles pink countless. Although rank the 2nd, do not affect everybody to love to his however.

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Connect resource for a time feel well C Cai Xukun. Attended several archives put together one after another not only art, and first work gave big screen, include ” catch bewitching to write down ” ” Chun Jianghua is moonlight ” , and before paragraph time heat mirrors ” Chi Hushu is unripe ” the ginseng that has Chen Li farming etc acts. Consequence rides really absolutely dirt, many vermicelli made from bean starch are in hear he wants to go out perform Williams after one horn, still state he may be replaced proudly in succession establish Williams to make male mind of new advance God. But a lot of audiences are dissatisfactory however to picking part this.

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The Williams in drama is handsome much gold, have heart, flower, blood relationship of medium, beautiful Shikoku, one’s previous experience at aristocratic rich and powerful family, demeanour is elegant, it is the ideal prince in girl dream simply. And this part measures a body to have something made to order to establish Williams namely almost, because his itself is Shikoku,mix blood, stereo facial ministry outline adds the elegant temperament of like nature itself, be being taken off alive is a prince!

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Accordingly, everybody feels Chen Li farming controls without method the Williams with gas so powerful field one horn, although have oneself distinguishing feature, but He Liwei cheap differred however a great distance. There still is CP to feel very much between Chen Li farming and Shenyang month, but the government did not utter exact word, person selected still is a netizen only guess, we or the static announce that need an officer! Do not believe ballad not to spread rumor. Statement: Picture material originates network, if tort asks connection to inform,delete, thank!

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