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Original title: The drama 3 years ago is returned can bear the palm, ” Chen Qing makes ” have what charm after all, actor current situation how

20220225070546 62187fca13526

” Chen Qing makes ” again bear the palm is the closest ” Chen Qing makes ” the attention that gained the literary award of Guizhou Province to cause a netizen, why the drama 3 years ago, still can receive award now and the netizen’s attention, this must mention this play body to be made excellent, each frame is absolutely beautiful picture. And the new personality that the actor that this drama uses is recreational group, during even still a lot of is in an university, this is the project of a special risk undoubtedly. The feeling that whole department theatrical work brings an audience is pleased the sort of big love of all corners of the country. The eliminate traitors in drama is helped up weak, feel no regret let an audience see a girl at the heart first heart.

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Mention ” Chen Qing makes ” must carry Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, these two people also are harvesting superhigh person energy of life at the outset. Reaped a lot of reward by right of this work, commercial value and person energy of life grow increasingly. Be like battle and Wang Yibo now had been two best develop in this play staff. Especially of the end of the year each are big the evening party, should have only among them a person appears, that is the part with top viewing rate certainly, if want to exceed Xiao Zhan or Wang Yibo, that is them two people are fit. Bo Jun is the most welcome Cp since Xiao Yi is straight, on pop chart one forever, also be beautiful emperor of Cp of the last reign of a dynasty, the 2nd and the 3rd it is to derive Cp respectively. Want the evening party to hear of two people to be the same as a stage only, ox does not sell a bill, want oneself to leaving a ticket to look. Resemble saying in that way, be like battle and Wang Yibo, cent is severally king, join a the world incomparable.

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The Kingdom of Wei in drama does not have elder sister of admired division of junior fellow apprentice, follow-up work is resonant flatly ” Chen Qing makes ” in besides Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, still have other actresses actually, each sides are quite good. Resemble be being become in the Wang Zhuo with settleclear river of the personate in drama, and the Xuan Lu of personate division elder sister. In this drama big ending when, xuan Lu had become the division elder sister of entire play staff almost. After this, wang Zhuo also took the work of a few contemporary theatrical work into He Xuanlu, but the influence that whats does not have, and because they are in ” Chen Qing makes ” medium part development popular feeling, give play very easily in their contemporary theatrical work so.

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It is at the same time in drama the Xiao Xingchen of bright moon cool breeze with highest cry, be proud Song Zichen of snow approach frost. Since this drama later, also had not heard of other work again. This is their start, also be their terminus it seems that. Also because of this drama hot, almost the other actress in drama bound group of day of a Chen Qing, but day of such an old affection is round, can you go much further again? Up-to-date, this teleplay still can win award, will tell commonly, the work that gives newly one this year only wins award, not strange that, it is OK also to cross a year, that is to cross 3 years to have bit of miracle. From ” Chen Qing makes ” in come out, besides Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo’s other person the development later is very general really, but the progress that has a person is better and better however.

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The biggest win family belongs to belong to warmth people knows Mencius justice, mencius justice is to be on program of put together art almost, or put together of a few love art go up, but actually she still has performed play, that is in those days hot entire network, return up to now can of bear the palm ” Chen Qing makes ” . Mention this paragraph of experience of Mencius justice, many netizens spit groove, because a lot of people feel Mencius justice,the expression in drama resembles is belt endowment enter group, add drama ceaselessly. Within an inch of adapts this one good work into big female advocate play, the way relations with people of Mencius justice is accordingly bad. Think all the time, mencius justice can make a 18 lines accordingly small transparent, do not want to be on program of put together art however reincarnate be affectedly unconventional instead amount to a person, harvested many passerby pink.

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Although Mencius justice is inferior to the development of Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, but from ” Chen Qing makes ” in the one numerous actor that come out, the progress of Mencius justice is good still, other actresses also are to play is patted, but resonant and not up to much. Although Mencius justice went up several archives put together art, depending on oneself true disposition, obtained a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch. From ” Chen Qing makes ” in the actor that come out, although Mencius justice says to do not have bright red big violet, however also work steadily, develop slowly. Mencius justice also can say now is the 3rd person after afterwards is like battle and Wang Yibo.

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