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Original title: Rong Zixi is in ” between the world ” in play the part of Ceng Shan, the person is set do not demand happy role, why to give a group accidentally?

20220225070629 62187ff5ddbff

The years theatrical work that thunder favorable reply, Yan Tao acts the leading role ” between the world ” taller and taller: Think when you Zhou Nan chooses to learn Tsinghua, when after Luo Shibin is hit, abandoning going after Zhou Bingkun, when the play is changed, the newer metropolis of every time gut lets you guess the spank that be hit!

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” between the world ” the 43rd collect, luo Shibin (Yu Zhen personate) be informed Zhou Nan to sacrifice to be ready to help others for a just cause heartstricken after the message of exotic an alien land, then blame Zhou Bingkun does not have breakfast to give his Zhou Nan.

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Next the issue that Luo Shibin uses him and Zheng Juan, the thing stimulates grasping elder brother, brought about Zhou Bingkun to turn him into plant person.

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Feel Yu Zhen acting is general before, but this he is in teleplay ” between the world ” in personate Luo Shibin, let me because be when angle is Thespian,change the bias to shake, won’t dance not only, and the idea that still is certain Yu Zhen is Luo Shibin.

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Although Luo Shibin is the villain in drama in drama, but he is loving Zhou Nan greatly, and Yu Zhen acts very well however. Be in the airport leave in the bridge, yu Zhen is in weak point the different sentiment that the person showed inside a few seconds, perform exclaim making a person masterlily:

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From son face about leaves loath, hear somebody to make father’s surprise to first time, again to happy pole sob. Luo Shibin’s sadness, unfixed, open-eyed, regret to wait for a lot of affection to be explained wonderfully by Yu Zhen

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This part later period has sensory Luo Shibin bit of cover up one’s errors, but netizens are like not quite accept, say he is grasped to offspring because he deserves,be being hit into plant person is.

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Although Luo Shibin is not good person, but Zhou Bingkun’s behavior still offended law, this lets Yan Tao, the Zheng Juan of personate, very anxious, the bridge that had her to kneel down to Luo Shibin wife then paragraph. After Luo Shibin is released from prison, he does not have the ability of that respect, but because he is rich, the woman is not lacked beside him, and more beautiful than. This lets a few audiences can’t help plainting: Does the has with the man money of feminine Yan Zhizhen count direct ratio?

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Luo Shibin’s girlfriend is when bud bud does poineering work, but later with respect to story of it doesn’t matter. In light of Cong Mengmeng’s appearance, she and Luo Shibin also won’t grow long.

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The 2nd cummer of Luo Shibin calls ginkgo (Su Xu personate) , grow a few more beautifully than bud bud, but one is performed actually in drama ” the child on the bosom ” farce, enrage so that Luo Shibin said a word ferociously: “Boil ” .

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The 3rd woman of Luo Shibin is the Ceng Shan that Yan Tao goes to seeing, this is a very pretty woman, she is married purpose a person with a discerning eye of Luo Shibin can see actually, no more than is ” money ” word.

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See the occasion that Zheng beautifuls genuflect ground begs for leniency, a lot of audiences were conveyed feel distressed, and say fortunately young wife Ceng Shan’s person of Luo Shibin is right still, agreed to forgive actually.

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Very apparent, the netizen idea that thinks Ceng Shan is good person is too innocent, their a person’s mind beautifuls with Zheng actually same goodness. Very elder brother thinks of Ceng Shan forgive be not stem from good intention, because Luo Shibin brings her expression when Zhou Nan comes home,be too afford for thought.

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When seeing Zhou Nan, exterior caboodle laughs at Ceng Shan, but one face about is all sorts of show the whites of eyes. Obvious does not like Nan Nan, however can smiling face photograph is greeted, of scheming deep should be clearly!

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Without doubt, ceng Shan is in ” between the world ” medium person is set special do not denounce happy event. But it is a such part, let act Zhe Rongzi to hope to give a group accidentally however, is this why? Look together very elder brother decodes:

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Above all, ceng Shan’s personality is distinct, although the person is set,be fed up with, but the acting that acts Zhe Rongzi to hope is pretty good, the performance that switch freelies portrays the character already true and authentic, stereo and full.

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Next, although Rong Zixi is ” between the world ” costar, but it is the anybody that urges the plot of a play however. Can hold in both hands because of each successful teleplay a few redder actor, so Rong Zixi also became the person that be benefited naturally.

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Additional, we still should see, instantly heats up the villain in drama in sowing drama to give a group very easily. For instance ” 30 just ” Zhang Yue of the person that middle forest has some acting, ” sweep black storm ” in the Wu Xiaoliang of personate Sun Xing is to act negative figure to have one’s moment.

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Returning those who a bit need points out is, the Rong Zixi that acts Ceng Shan really Yan Zhi is outstanding, appearance beauty drew the look of a lot of attention undoubtedly like beautiful appearance, “Judge people with their appearance ” abusive and undoubted also be Rong Zixi what give a group successfully is important shove a hand. To Rong Zixi’s name, some audiences may feel unfamiliar, but allude the part that she acts, you can plaint certainly: It is her so! 1, ” elite lawyer ” in the secretary Sha Sha that acts the of great capacity one day

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Present as leading role to act the leading role in Jin Dong ” elite lawyer ” in, gathered together the actor of a lot of belle such as Wang Ou, Yuan Quan, Zhu Zhu. The sea that Dan Rongzi hopes to act of secretary Sha Sha of a day come on the stage, still let an audience shine at the moment. Flaxen dress, contracted and do not break sedate appearance to suck eyeball not only, the figure that still allows duty field woman is fresh. 2, ” night ” in personate shaddock of wood of 7 division elder sister

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The black unreal drama that acts the leading role in Chen Feiyu ” night ” in, the ” of shaddock of wood of 7 gentlemen ” that Rong Zixi acts also left deep impression to the audience. Peaceful but the person’s temperament, natural and fluent acting, let Rong Zixi encircle a pink really by right of this drama. 3, ” years drifting gold ” in act rich home female Zhao Malin

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The heat that acts the leading role in Liu Shishi and Ni Ni sows drama ” years drifting gold ” in, rong Zixi is changed again as beautiful jade of Ma of Bai Fumei Zhao. Although her show share is not much, but the bridge that rips Ni Ni to love mad hand paragraph, the audience still has those who remember a point. 4, ” Yan Yun stage ” in personate likes to contend for favorite happy elder brother

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Write down so that Rongzi hopes to still act the leading role in Tang Yan ” swallow cloud stage ” in had acted happy elder brother, this is a love contends for the imperial concubine that bestow favor on, dan Zhi business makes a person anxious really, come on the stage got offline before long, so a lot of audiences may have overlooked this role. 5, ” colourful bone ” in one person cent impersonates two character

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Rong Zixi returns collaboration to pass Tong dream fact, in teleplay ” colourful bone ” in acting Zhao Ru is with Mo Chou two individual content, or Wen Wan, or the different figure of the renascence that it is love, be explained very much by Rong Zixi reach the designated position.

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Besides above a few drama of the introduction, rong Zixi still goes out act ” encountered love really that day ” , ” cross hill ” , ” give a clue, first love ” wait for much department work, do not know you had looked?

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Rong Zixi is graduated from the Thespian institute central, have 1 meter of height of 73 and beautiful feature. The report says, in the high school on Rong Zixi when attended travel to defend inspect hold ” dreamy heroine ” the match and bear the palm.

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The Rong Zixi in the life is the girl with particularly optimistic style of one individual character, but pat a play to come she very serious, because this is called by netizen affectionately ” most belle fellow ” .

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Although Rongzi hopes to go out,performed a lot of heat to sow drama, but because act, is costar mostly, it is the condition with play not red a favourite by sb in power all the time so. Be in ” between the world ” in show share of Ceng Shan is not little, for Rong Zixi of this pair of person that act, it is an opportunity that proves oneself undoubtedly.

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So, by Li Lu hold guide, thunder favorable reply and the teleplay that abundant peach acts the leading role jointly ” between the world ” did you look? Do you approbate Rong Zixi’s acting? Does the work that you feel she can depend on this influential force give a group successfully? The welcome has taste you leave a message comment, say to watch the actor that drama is experienced and loves together, synchronous attention very elder brother is decoded!

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