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Original title: Ren Jialun ” drive shark is written down ” beforehand approximate number exceeds 700 thousand, wang Yibo new theatrical work exceeds 1 million, two big shed contend for hegemony Close paragraph of time, the good theatrical work that actors or actress cruel video has many heavyweight is waited for sow, among them heat is highest should belong to ” fire glacial rain ” and ” drive shark is written down ” , make an appointment formerly want to see a number arrive already high 1.4 million, latter also has had more than 700 thousand, expect the value explodes canopy!

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” fire glacial rain ” be alarm drama of bandit arrest poisonous subject matter, told about 2 people of Wu Zhenfeng of Gu bravery hero and Chen Yu of the police that prohibit toxin’s brother not to forget first heart, remember a mission well, infiltrate hand in hand the circle that peddle poison is inner, peddle poison finally the story of catch the whole lot in an action, act the leading role by Wang Yibo and Chen Xiao.

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The discharge that Wang Yibo is this one drama takes on, he is in ancient costume drama ” Chen Qing makes ” in by right of ” blue forget machine ” one horn has his moment, get depict of origianl work character written in a forceful hand, no matter be acting or white garment wave,waving ancient costume modelling makes a person impressive, counterattack is become.

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Explode red later, he got chase after in teleplay domain hold in both hands, go up in succession line ” have Fei ” ” the Luoyang since wind ” wait for drama, the quadrature in the compasses in expression, although do not have too big breakthrough, but acting also did not pull hip, public praise still calculates pretty good. From ” fire glacial rain ” of this drama make an appointment in light of the circumstance, he has been be worthy of close look appeal male spirit, this of 1.4 million make an appointment the audience should be not little the vermicelli made from bean starch that is him, force is very powerful.

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Another male advocate Chen Xiao is old brand actor, regard the first batch of discharge as little fresh pork, he is depended on ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in ” Yang Guo ” one horn becomes famous, later dedicated all the time make fun of at patting, had shaped the part of a lot of successes, audience predestined relationship is very good, two people are strong strong partner, become this year most suffer those who expect is double male advocate combination.

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In addition, this drama still has Wang Jinsong, Liu Yijun, Zhang Zhijian, Feng Jiayi to wait for accepted old show bone to join in, can weighs luxurious battle array, pardonable the S++ course great theatrical work that can make actor cruel.

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Another drama ” drive shark is written down ” also very suffer expect, it is the person bewitching cruel that acts the leading role by Ren Jialun and Dilireba loves subject matter play, told about drive spirit long meaning of Shi Jiyun standing grain and shark person is broken through manacle, all previous classics 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger become spouses eventually, defend the old practice of the common people hand in hand.

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Drama of heart of this kind of cruel is most one of subject matter that get an audience to love, can have many is the same as every year the line on type work, heat closes inspect very tall, the heart that jump over cruel jumps over cruel affection more welcome, still had gone out not little explode a your work. Picture ” spend 1000 bone ” ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 3 ” ” annals of high official position ” ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” ” pillow submit a written statement to a higher authority ” ” predestined relationship of Chen night tide ” ” coloured glaze ” etc is such work, very easy can fire rises!

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Gut is charming, leading role battle array also is one big hotspot, ren Jialun is bully screen male god of nearly two years, go up of the line ” under bright and beautiful garment ” ” one’s whole life ” ” Zhou Shengru reason ” it is to applaud the good theatrical work of draw a large audience, the line on two years of time 7, 8 work, firmly occupies a screen by force, violent wind of person energy of life goes up.

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Dilireba is instantly limelight most fill 90 hind floret, acting be apt to of beautiful heart of good, person, public praise beautiful, got of fine travel chase after hold in both hands, good theatrical work is received ceaseless, on of the line ” pillow submit a written statement to a higher authority ” ” happy tentacle can be reached ” ” the honor that you are me ” wait to be become to explode the paragraph blows hard, new advance is become 90 hind one elder sister of teleplay, also be in summit summit condition! Actor cruel develops a few this years is not too good, explode a your work is not much, 2022 have what the opportunity explodes greatly most first half of the year should be ” fire glacial rain ” and ” drive shark is written down ” , wang Yibo and Ren Jialun contend for hegemony, who can maintain actor cruel close inspect?

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