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Original title: ” between the world ” in the 8 great actors that acting wins support, a list of names posted up on peach of abundant of beautiful of the Song Dynasty, is thunder favorable reply discharged the a fewth? Believe many people are being chased after recently ” between the world ” this drama, it is theatrical work of a years obviously but attracted a large number of youths to watch as before, and everybody is to look to cry at the same time at the same time. This drama quality is first-rate, give power besides gut beyond, actors’ good acting also gives this leap light to add color many, the it may be said in drama is play bone gathers, the acting that what actor there is in this drama so gets an audience fully people approbate?

20220225070929 621880a9419e7

1, favorable reply of thunder of thunder favorable reply serves as ” between the world ” hero, can say to bear the weight of audience people too much tear, the Zhou Bingkun of his personate is a filial parents, companionate brother sister, be happy to help the person’s good person, but meet with repeatedly however cross. Thunder favorable reply deduces the helpless, grievance on nobody body and adamancy very reach the designated position, look at feel distressed with respect to your person.

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2, Yan Tao ” between the world ” it may be said is lachrymal dot again and again, and the Zheng Juan that the Yan Tao in drama acts contracted too much tear dot, what this woman gets on Yan Tao general personally is tough, hopeful and face hardship as before the earth’s surface amounted to kind-hearted disposition incisively and vividly to come out. Each of the Yan Tao in drama cry play can affect popular feeling, acting is too good really.

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3, Xin Baiqing Xin Baiqing is the famous actual strength school inside the circle all the time, he grasps the week in drama justice the integrity of this character, gentle and of one mind is civilian figure is modelled very reach the designated position. No matter be the show share that cries to make fun of or quarrel,still be other those who have conflict erupt play, xin Baiqing can control well. Acting is very pretty good.

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4, beautiful of the Song Dynasty of beautiful of the Song Dynasty is in ” between the world ” the Zhou Rong that act, the person is set all the time by the audience people spit groove. The Zhou Rong in drama is egoistic however very good life, it is to let a person see no less than going to really. But must say, song Jia’s acting is praiseworthy still.

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5, the delegate that the Zhou Zhigang that Yong Dai of fourth Yong Daiding acts is Chinese traditional father, although not good at one’s words but the children to oneself are very be very fond of, this fourth brave another name for Taishan Mountain is behaved very well. Additionally the wife in fourth Yong Dai and drama immerses to also make a person use a facial expression for it with the feeling of foam for years.

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6, but the Sarina that Sarina acts a mother in drama encircles the loving mother specialist inside, the mother that she acts is amiable, tough, with the husband more conjugal love is old, it is the good example of children. The loving mother figure that gives so silently for the family to Sarina, take hold it is not difficult to rise.

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7, this world of king of Wang Yang’s actor is in drama fictile Cai Xiao Guang is the more welcome part in this drama, humanness is spoony but connect fully, already arrived middleaged Wang Yang as before very handsome, perform a warm male Cai Xiaoguang no matter this part is from it is very appropriate for figure or acting.

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8, of Cheng Tai of actor of Cheng Tai at ordinary times fictile is openly part, be in this ” between the world ” among the Feng Huacheng that act although not be character of what villain in drama, but let a person however more feel abhorrent, the article green temperament that gets on intellectual body into peaceful was deduced, but the egoistic expression that also becomes Fenghua this person gets incisively and vividly, appropriate appropriate gets residue male.

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