Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Original title: Thunder favorable reply no longer silent, disclose real character of Luo Shibin Yu Zhenzhen innocently, double bumper harvest of pardonable career family According to Zhou Suozhi, ” between the world ” You Leijia sound, song Jia, yan Tao, yu Zhen, wait for a main actor. of like a raging fire in undertaking, nan Nan had died in newest drama. His heartbreak. Zhou Rong sees the daughter is sad, even Zheng of Xiao Guang prep let alone beautifuls He Bingkun has much anguish, can say this drama let audience savor really ” the world ” joys and sorrows of life! Be in ” between the world ” in, the part that the audience likes least of all is the Luo Shibin that Yu Zhen acts, cry when Zhou Nan ” father ” when, yu Zhenxi extremely and sob. Mood, include stunned, open-eyed, miserable, touch, gratified with happy pole sob. It can let a person be fed up with, this can prove Yu Zhen’s acting is pretty good only. Can say real terrestrial play is unforgettable, he is a competent actor! Recently, thunder favorable reply says frankly when interacting with the netizen: Teleplay ” between the world ” the name that resembles it is same, internal heat of the dualism of the joys and sorrows that included the world, character, smoke and period flavor, depend on the expression on shake part be being united faultlessly, personate Luo Shibin however Zhou Nan and Luo Shibin get offline, make a person awkward. Can say Mr Yuzhen also makes Luo Shibin vivid rise, hahaha! Later, thunder favorable reply discloses: The Yu Zhen in real life does not resemble teleplay in so earnest. Every time the play staff is patted, he can call to wife, tell her this thing is put where, want what to notice, outside be free to still can cry to wife even, sell, especially when the play staff has a holiday. Yu Zhen can drive go to the school receive her, I must say, the true nature that the word of thunder favorable reply also discloses Bin Yuzhen of person of a white horse with a black mane innocently. Pardonable Mr. Yu Zhen, career and family have good crop! Everybody hopes the family is harmonious, happy life of Yu Zhen makes a person envy really. He 46 years old is depended on ” between the world ” revealed oneself masterly acting to the audience again. Now ” between the world ” be about to receive big final result. The 3rd generation with familial week of dead adumbrative move begins commonplace.

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