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Original title: Chen Yonggui died 1986, hua Guofeng is infrequent attend a memorial meeting, a movement lets a person shed silent tears 1986, chen Yonggui of Vice Prime Minister of former the State Council dies due to illness, abide by him not to wish before one’s death the last wish of grandiose waste, what his funeral does is very low-key, a few close friends are only present, send him last Cheng. Be enmeshed in bitterness in everybody however when, an old man that comes round suddenly caused the attention of everybody, this person is former Hua Guofeng of the chairman central. After retiring from Hua Guofeng, very few bother about crosses political issue, the memorial meeting is bright also little attend, more what is more,the rather that Hua Guofeng and Chen Yonggui still are having not small contradiction between two people. Because his arrival makes,attendant everybody feels astonish unceasingly, and when feeling feel puzzled to his arrival in everybody, a motion that Hua Guofeng makes next, let present holder can’t help orbit is wet, fall next tears come. So the Hua Guofeng that Xian Shaocan sums a memorial meeting, on the memorial meeting that why can you appear in Chen Yonggui after all? What did he do to let attendant everybody tear look again?

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Family circumstances is poor, chen Yonggui plans an outlet oneself 1914, chen Yonggui is born in Shanxi to save former times in relief county to touch town a poverty-stricken farmer family, home is queasy at that time, disorder of the current political situation, farmer people wanting to mix buccal meal to eat in such times is extremely difficult more. Although father Chen Zhiru of Chen Yonggui works desperately, still maintain bread hard, but under, if old annals is forced to make a choice very reluctantly, sell daughter, wife and young son, taking just Chen Yonggui of 5 years old escapes to Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County. After Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County lived hardly two years, if old annals cannot see an outlet from beginning to end, in a despair, choose hang oneself of hang oneself from a beam, ended oneself life, the Chen Yonggui that stayed 7 years old is lone a person. Chen Yonggui looks at father helplessly to be before oneself die, helpless however, he what this allows period of small off year feels the heart is medium very distress. Feel alone again in Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County climb boil after hitting 5 years, chen Yonggui flounder arrives arrange the mother that found oneself with the county. Look at Chen Yonggui’s bony appearance, his mother also is to feel distressed unceasingly, but even of a man in troubled times does not live to go down, how can be a woman raised again have the child?

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Left one: Chen Yonggui is helpless under, chen Yonggui arrives again village of channel of stockaded village kiln searchs an elder sister on the west, but the elder sister also does not have method to bring up this little brother, chen Yonggui is forced flounder answers Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County, plunge into here played a root. For can satiate meal, chen Yonggui is forced to carry a taller than oneself hoe with emaciated shoulder, with Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County medium old people arrives inside the ground work. What although live,pass is difficult, but Chen Yonggui does not have generation to father pessimistic in that way mood, he hears the Communist Party is worker and farmer to make the world early in the morning, decide him some day also wants to rise revolt, overthrow this to take the person’s the manners and morals of the time. But still be done not have when Red Army, the Japanese army begins to be invaded in a large-scale China. 1940, chen Yonggui is 26 years old when, the Japanese army was executed in China north very cruel ” public security aggrandizement moves ” , more and more people die in Japanese army hand, chen Yonggui is by the person choose in Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County ” maintain meeting ” delegate, and the Lihu Ni of village of head of around mountain villa was married after 1 year be wife. But Chen Yonggui is not content with Chinese land such by Japan occupational, be in accordingly 1943, when the Eight Route Army begins to install contact to nod in Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County, begin to tip off information to the Eight Route Army in the dark, chen Yonggui became the contact person with serious the Eight Route Army.

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Can be good times don’t last long, chen Yonggui was discovered by Japanese, the Japanese army caught him constabulary place to father add cross-question, chen Yonggui face the music, the dealing with Japanese interrogation of remain calm, final because do not have sufficient evidence, chen Yonggui was released. Arrive all the time 1945, former times in relief county just greeted true liberation. The Vice Prime Minister that Premier Zhou call-overs, chairman Mao speaks very highly of after former times this world is liberated, the land that Chen Yonggui had his him house eventually, work also more exert to one’s utmost. Later ” too battle ” in, chen Yonggui is highlighted because of expression again, got commend rankingly. Although he right now had not read a book, but the truth that comes out from the harden oneself in the life understands than who however. In December 1948, chen Yonggui is depending on indomitable spirit and perseverance to achieve what one wishes eventually the ground joined a Chinese Communist, became the manufacturing committee member of village of Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County, became the Party branch vice secretary of village of Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County by right of excellent performance soon. At that time rural eliminate illiteracy, did not read those who pass a book to want to read afresh literacy. Chen Yonggui also participated in eliminate illiteracy to move eagerly.

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But he has passed 40 at that time, the comparison of study is slow, so that pass long study, the Chinese character that can keep still does not exceed 500, it is a semiliterate as before. Although big character does not know a few, but old experience makes Chen Yonggui in cultivate land this respect has a result very much. The whole nation’s very hard 1963 year, a lot of places are not had because of long natural disaster grain close, a lot of people connect a meal be unable to get something to eat. Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County of this year also is cross of all previous classics, the flood, disaster caused by a windstorm, frost, each calamity enough makes farmer people grain is not had close. But be in of Chen Yonggui guide below, the person of Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County is depending on free-standing and reborn spirit, did not want a state not only a relief grain, still resemble national pay 240 thousand jins commissariat, the villager of Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County people the name that hears Chen Yonggui, the thumb since metropolis vertical stroke nods praise. This year of the end of the year, dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County is lead came true more ” 3 not 3 many ” target, masses people the life that also ended to live in earthy cave dwelling, move into new home in succession.

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After this incident, shanxi complete province lifted the climax that learns Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County, chen Yonggui also became a very busy person accordingly, he rushs about back and forth all the time the forefront in lecture, the manufacturing experience of Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County was told about on congress of province agriculture model worker. In speech process, chen Yonggui is being taken only 100 come the manuscript that the word is tagging homophonic, told glibly rise. His language is vivid figure, drawing each person that be present, although never had mentioned the name of Chairman Mao, but the thought that there is Chairman Mao everywhere however in the speech. Also accordingly, chen Yonggui’s remarkable individual ability and character caused constituent attention. After famous writer Zhao Shu manages to make a speech in what listen to Chen Yonggui, as if one find out treasure, find Tao Lujia of secretary of Shanxi provincial Party committee at once, agitato is right his say: “Contented secretary, I discovered a talent today. ” ” who? ” ” Chen Yonggui! He tells Mao Zedong without one place, it is Mao Zedong Thought everywhere however, I am really those who admire extremely admire, this is a talent really! This is a talent really!!

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In Zhao tree manage south after bureau secretary Li Yiqing is informed this character, saw Chen Yonggui one side designedly in process of visiting Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County, the natural and honest farmer temperament that reveals on Chen Yonggui body makes Li Yiqing also is touched deeply, he very say of become enamoured ground: “Although Chen Yonggui is a farmer, but there is a powerful charm on his body, , he can show extraordinary direct ability in complex environment. ” it is even Chairman Mao after the achievement that is informed Chen Yonggui, also laughing to praise: “Look cannot despise uncouth fellow! ” in January 1975, when the conference holds National People’s Congress of the 4th whole nation, chen Yonggui also was received invite, this lets him feel alarmed and happy. Just hurry to Beijing, chen Yonggui received Premier Zhou invite, saying is occupied consult, chen Yonggui dare be not delayed, hurried to a hospital in a hurry.

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Premier Zhou sees him, with respect to without preamble say: “I call you this to come round, want to plan the issue of National People’s Congress namely, you should have made the preparation that becomes Vice Prime Minister of the State Council, turn mind of Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County to the whole nation, how? ” Chen Yonggui is heard ” Vice Prime Minister of the State Council ” these a few words, frighten so that place at once place a hand: “Premier, my big character does not know a few, do not have what culture, cannot become this Vice Prime Minister really. ” Premier Zhou manner rises gravely suddenly: “Comrade Chen Yonggui, are you a Party member? ” ” be! ” the mood gentle of Premier Zhou comes down: “It is the arrangement that the Party member is about to accept a party, this also is the constituent accredit to you. ” such, chen Yonggui is elected on this conference for Vice Prime Minister of the State Council, be in charge of agricultural general affairs of the whole nation, also be him ” capital goes ” .

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Die due to illness, hua Guofeng is headed for grieve over after becoming Vice Prime Minister of the State Council, chen Yonggui resembles as before same before, wearing outfit of farmer of a suit coarse cloth, there is the towel of a white on the head, a bit does not conceal the farmer breath on him body. After returning home town, before he still resembles same, carrying hoe go to the fields to work, because,a bit is done not have identity of Vice Prime Minister, feel oneself ” a cut above others ” , because the villager of this Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County, cadre waits for a person affectionately calls him ” Laochen ” or be ” always expensive ” . The farmer breath of such guileless, also affecting each person beside him. When many people mention Chen Yonggui, be to be profuse in praise, the leaders of the Party Central Committee are after the thing that hears of Chen Yonggui, also feel the admire of from the bottom of one’s heart to spirit of his Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County. Do not break away from working people forever to assure his, chen Yonggui insists not to take the extend salary central, recumbent the allowance that oneself work and comes has a meal.

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The Chen Yonggui that working eats good meal to can let him, the State Council asked an advanced cook technically to him, but still had done not have two days, chen Yonggui dismisses this chef with respect to oneself, look for a chef from former times in relief county again next, do him technically to like eating cooked wheaten food. Although the level of this chef not as good as that advanced chef before, but Chen Yonggui likes very however, the workmanship that often also praises this experienced worker is good. Besides these daily bagatelle, chen Yonggui still is facing a problem, that is read overmarginalia file makes an instruction, these are as the State Council the Vice Prime Minister works indispensably. But serve as a semiliterate, how does he want read overmarginalia document? He looked for a secretary from former times this world again, every time what file lets a secretary look first, the place that raises a focal point next reads aloud to him, if he nods,agree only, come out with respect to the circle that use a pen. Some have professional name to visit the place that does not know, chen Yonggui sees Hua Guofeng or Li Xiannian’s file, if they were drawn,encircle, he also is drawn accordingly, chen Yonggui is believed so that cross them absolutely.

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Work in the report at ordinary times or lecture when, chen Yonggui lets a secretary draw up according to his meaning first come a manuscript, use the pronunciation on the word sign that he knows next, because,be such, every speech draft of Chen Yonggui has 100 to come only a big character. Occasionally speech draft looks not to understand really, he is flat free play, live speech always can move each audience, what the content on draft comes without speech of Cheng Yonggui immediately is wonderful. A lot of people in the village very envy him, think he is entered became ” curule ” , the life is gratified certainly flexibly, but only Chen Yonggui knows, the person that served as a free be used to, live when Diaoyutai is medium to be risen to be what feeling by the protection of the three-layer outside the three-layer in guard personnel. Once he wants to go out of well of king government office east install the market to ramble, but defend a concern,appear as the Chen Yonggui of the principal officer central what accident, did not agree. Chen Yonggui heart thinks: Go down so again, oneself were not fool cannot, accordingly he writes a letter to Chairman Mao again, the request moves Diaoyutai, also execute on the job ” 33 make ” .

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Chairman Mao approved his request at once, praise him: “Dry agriculture, making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot is must, this idea of Comrade Chen Yonggui is very good. ” after the approval that receives Chairman Mao, the one place old house that Chen Yonggui moved Beijing smoothly, had the place of a swing, when working, with respect to the whole nation each district is away on official business everywhere. But be later on a few crucial questions, chen Yonggui and Hua Guofeng produced difference, two people were troubled by dot unpleasantness accordingly. In September 1980, in National People’s Congress 5 3 second conferences are held during, chen Yonggui resigned post of Vice Prime Minister, return the farmer that Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County continues to become his. Soon, hua Guofeng also chooses abdication, be unemployed pays no attention to government affairs in the home. Besides in Chairman Mao festal or birthday when the figure that can see Hua Guofeng, other time does not see him almost.

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On March 26, 1986, chen Yonggui of 72 years old dies in the hospital due to illness, ended the lifetime that its free and easy rises and fall. Chen Yonggui’s funeral does very low-keyly, because he once left last wish before one’s death: Scarcely should give a country incommode, everything conforms to the principle of simplicity. Because of this Chen Yonggui die to did not alarm anybody, only he attended funeral before one’s death before close friend and kin. Be opposite in everybody however of Chen Yonggui die feel distress unceasingly when, of Xian Shaolou face China the chairman comes round to attend funeral personally unexpectedly. Disaccord of their two people sense is notorious thing, accordingly everybody surpriseds to his arrival unceasingly, many people greet sb with him on haste. After seeing dignified of Hua Guofeng complexion has responded to everybody only, slowgoing the spirit that takes Chen Yonggui before, nutation 3 bowed, right now Hua Guofeng is early had been to burst into tears, just before parting during, he very do not abandon circling an assembly room to turn circuit. Everybody sees Hua Guofeng is such not plan the appearance of past grudge, also be to be touched greatly in the heart, can’t help orbit is wet, fall next tears come. This is national leader good-tempered the mind that needs a person, also be at the same time within the party of impartial spirit indicative.

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After funerary end, chen Yonggui’s ashes of the dead enters cemetery of revolution of eight treasures hill without bury, however by carry back Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County, because here is his start, also be his root at the same time. Be born at Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County, eventually Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County, it is his desire finally.

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